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The Greater Heights

Get down with The Greater Heights. If you're into fun and upbeat music, this is the band for you. 

The Greater Heights is a musical group that consider their genres to be world, indie, and pop. The band has been making music for two years now and are currently working on tracks in the studio. The band is made up of Chase Johnson, Chris Crain, and Maxwell Hobbs. The Greater Heights reflect the music stylings of bands such as Mayday Parade and All Time Low.

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         The band could trigger a blast from the past by playing music that sounds like the stuff you listened to in 2007 but they also add their own unique flair to each song they create. The boyish singing gives off a positive tone that could light up anyone's day and the addictive songs stay with you for hours on end. Fans have said that the band has "good sound and tight vocals" as well as their music being "power pop at its best!" (Source:

          Give this band a listen. They'll make you want to dance all over the place and give you feel-good vibes all night. Although the group does not have any tour dates coming up, keep your eyes peeled for their new release in the coming months!

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Written by Jordan Mafi

- Tunage

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