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So Far Gone

Credits: Olivia Sibley
Just about every band can make music and spread a message through their songs. Unlike any band, So Far Gone can spread a message and leave their fans with something to remember.

           The three-piece group originated in San Diego with a lineup consisting of Cameron Shiflet, Jeff Burg, and Joey Mann. In August of 2009, the band's bassist and best friend, Joey, passed away and left the band mourning for months. After months of sadness, Cameron and Jeff decided to make Joey an inspiration instead of a tragic memory. Sam Spofford, a close friend of Joey's, was included in the band in 2010 as So Far Gone's bassist. It has been said by Cameron that Joey is the heart of the band. After hard work and a lot of time, the band made an EP titled ‘Don’t Worry, It Gets Bigger.’ The five-track EP includes songs that are fast-paced and very catchy to anyone's ear. Some of the songs have even been played on radio stations across the city of San Diego!

          The band recently won first place in a Battle of the Bands competition that was held at Epicentre, a local music venue in Mira Mesa. Dozens of fans showed up for the show to support them and they put on one hell of a show! With perfect stage presence, fun lighting, and flawless music skills, So Far Gone took the crown that they deserved.

Don'y Worry, It Gets Bigger
          The obvious fact about So Far Gone is that they are truly dedicated to playing music that is fun and makes people happy. Their tough time became an open door to inspiration and that’s what makes the band who they are. If you’re in for a fun time or you even just want to listen to some cool music, scope out So Far Gone. Good vibes everywhere.

Take a look at their official website and like them on their Facebook page!

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Written by Jordan Mafi
9/17/2016 05:04:02 am

Is it me or do all of these bands really suck...........badly suck!


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