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Serenade & Strum

Local music takes a new high in San Diego with an acoustic/folk band named Serenade and Strum. The band expresses their love for God but also give the gift of beautiful music to anyone despite their beliefs or choices. Tunage discovered this when the band played at an acoustic show at Epicentre in Mira Mesa. The audience was completely blown away by the gorgeous voice of Jen Horning and the rest of the band’s beautiful musicianship.    

          The duo of Benji Horning and Jen Horning is a remarkable one. They both live in San Diego and make music here together. The two are happily married and share a three-year-old daughter. They have been married for a few years and Benji has said that he fell in love with Jen when he heard the sound of her voice. The full band of Serenade and Strum consists of a few other members on keys, drums, and even a cello. Every instrument together turns the acoustic duo into a big folk band.
          Their music is described as acoustic, folk, and Christian. With smooth vocals and the most natural-sounding bass that anyone has ever heard, Serenade and Strum light up a venue with the sound of their music. A handful of their songs feel positive and soothing while others are sultry and slow. If you’re a fan of acoustic music with an incredible vocalist, their songs are for you.

          Jen’s voice captures the attention of anyone in the room and is simply unforgettable. You will never forget that striking voice once you hear it. Her singing style has been compared to that of Mama Cass and Little Dragon. It’s groovy and very soothing as well; it is something you don’t hear nowadays. Needless to say, Jen is a woman who is more talented than most of the rising stars all over the world.

         Although Serenade and Strum are an independent band, their talent is unfathomable. Tunage can guarantee that the first listen is one that you will never have the ability to forget. You can like Serenade and Strum on their Facebook page and you can watch and listen to them on their Youtube channel.

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi

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