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Fun. Concert Review
We Are Young...

You’re young, you’re full of life, you’ve got ambition, kid, and nothing can stop you. You know that exact feeling I’m talking about, don’t you? I have got to say, I’ve been to plenty of concerts, but watching Fun perform at the Wiltern in Hollywood on a Friday night gave me one of those reassuring and defining moments that I’m quite capable of standing on top of the world. If I could sum up this show in one word it would be this: uplifting. Just for the heck of it, I decided to look up the definition of said word, and I have to say, it’s spot on to what this show had to offer.

up·lift·ing   [uhp-lif-ting] 
  inspirational; offering or providing hope, encouragement, salvation, etc.: an uplifting sermon.

          I’m pretty sure you’ve heard at least one song by Fun (unless you’ve been living under a rock or your name is Gollum). It’s become a bit of an anthem for our generation: “We Are Young”. However, if you haven’t heard any of their other songs, I would highly suggest it. Nothing can put a bigger smile on your face than the lyrics to “Be Calm” from Fun’s first album, Aim and Ignite. 

          This affect was the main reason I fell in love with music. Ever since my years of angst in middle school and high school, bands like this were my personal superheroes. When these artists give you so much support to get through the day, you develop a sort of loyalty to them; quite a lovely relationship is developed. Standing in a long line in the streets Hollywood, making friends with the people behind you, playing cards and taking turns to go on coffee breaks; it’s all part of the glory of concerts. The best part is that it only gets better once you get inside the venue.

          Nate Ruess has been no stranger to the music scene. Before the golden days of Fun, he’s performed in his previous band, The Format. He’s worked collaboratively with some other pretty awesome artists, such as Anthony Green for his album Beautiful Things on the song “Only Love”. Still, one of the most memorable things of Nate was that certain glow he had about himself that night. He was just as happy to be there as the audience was. Nate was all smiles and starry eyed throughout the whole show, giving us all he had, belting those notes that he’s just so well known for. After a performance by Chiddy Bang to warm up the anxious crowd, Fun opened their performance with “Carry On”, making spirits higher than I thought possible.    
Here’s the thing, this was a sold out full house. Fun was scheduled to perform at the Wiltern for three nights (one of those nights were added later because of such high demand). Friday was their first night there, and as Nate so eloquently put it “the first cut is the deepest”. The energy in this venue was pretty high. It was nice to hear the sea of people singing along to their older songs like “The Gambler” and “Barlights”. By the time Fun performed “We Are Young” it was as if they were saying, “You know what, we’re kind of having a blast, and we can tell you are too, so let’s bump it up a notch”. What is it that completes a party with the guys of Fun? BOOM. Confetti. It doesn’t get much more magical than singing the lyrics, “we can burn brighter than the sun” at the top of your lungs as delightful shreds of party paper falls upon your open palms.  You would think that would be the climax of the show, but oh no, they were not done with us. Fun closed with a cover of the timeless, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones before the hall began pounding with noises as we chanted for encore.    

         Side note: It amazes me whenever people head out during the encore part of the show. Do you really think the show is over?! No my friends! It’s rock and roll tradition to get a few more songs out of the guys. Stick around, chant with your fellow comrades, and witness the final bang of the show.


         The glory of Fun is the ability to face the cynicism of our world and to be able to hold that flame of hope close to you. They closed with “Some Nights”, Nate leading us into chants, and then next thing you know, balloons were falling out of the sky. Needless to say, Fun knows how to put on a show and they delivered. Heading out of the venue with a lost voice, hearing the booming of popping balloons that sounded a lot like fireworks (coincidence? I think not), we trudged out with that glorious after-concert exhaustion.

         That my friends; is a proper concert to end the summer with. I had the privilege of taking photos of their previous performance at SDSU, so cruise on by the photo gallery to see the shots: just for you.

Now go and take over the world.
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- Tunage

Written by Deanna Trombley

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