Well That Blows...

          So there I was, out on the open road. The windows were down and the wind was forcefully, yet elegantly whipping through my hair. My road trip had begun, the only thing missing was some good down home rock and roll. However, I switch on the radio and what do I find? Disappointment.

        I recently went on an 800 mile road trip, mainly travelling through Ohio. I said to myself, “Laura, how about you write an article on the local rock radio stations you pass through on your trip? BRILLIANT.” There is something I didn’t know about Ohio, though. They don’t have rock radio stations... At all. When I turned on my car stereo, I got six stations. They went something like this: static, country, hip hop, country, country, static. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against country. I quite enjoy it sometimes, but I enjoy modern hip hop about as much as I enjoy empty static noises. So, instead of writing about what I had planned to, I’m going to write about a list of bands I ended up listening to that all came from my personal music collection that saved my road trip from a horrible fate of becoming boring nothingness.

          Old Crow Medicine Show- I listened to their self-titled, Big Iron World, Eutaw, and Tennessee Pusher. There is nothing like rolling down the highway and letting some good old bluegrass pick away your stress with banjos and mandolins.

          Koffin Kats- I popped in Straying from the Pack and, I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if listening to them on the interstate is a good idea. I don’t condone speeding in the slightest, but I had a hell of a good time!

         Joan Jett & the Black Hearts- I Love Rock-n-Roll made me feel like I was a woman warrior drifting through obscure towns like I was on the run… Like I was a straight-up badass.

          Circle Jerks- I put in my all-time favorite, Group Sex, and again, not something I’d suggest listening to if you want to follow laws, but hey, a high speed car chase sounds hypothetically very tempting…

Last, but certainly not least-

         Credence Clearwater Revival- Listening to their greatest hits on a country road with the breeze blowing and the sun shining is one of the most wonderful feelings I’ve ever felt. Just that alone is a good enough reason to take a trip somewhere. I’d do it over and over if I had more places to visit.

          So, my dear friends, as much as I had hoped to inform you about some small town rock radio stations, I’m glad to at least provide you with a little list of awesomely unforgettable tunes to consider next time you head out on the road. Each one of these will make you feel unstoppable, if not a little bit reckless. Drive carefully, fellow vagabonds, and keep the tunes cranked!

Written by Laura Sullivan

- Tunage


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