Dun' be Hatin'

          Few things annoy me more than when I'm listening to a piece of music I love (say, a Charles Ives sonata) and I hear some chick groan an "I hate this song" - especially because I know that if I started talking about how much I "hated" Katy Perry, she'd be just as offended. Sure, we might not all adore every type of music. But unless you're sitting next to someone who just so happens to think exactly the way you do about everything, I don't think that "hate" is an appropriate word to use when discussing the touchy topic of taste - unless your goal is to come off as kind of a prick.

          Now, don't get me wrong, I've been guilty of the "H"-word before. I used to blurt it out often when a song came on FM 93.3 that I felt was cheesy enough to turn my brain into a bowl of Kraft macaroni. However, I found that my passengers weren't always in total agreement with me - not by the fact that they'd verbally disagree with me (because they seldom did), but by the fact that when I'd ride in theircars, they'd turn up the volume on the very same songs I practically punched out my radio to avoid hearing. You kind of have to assume that there is at least one person who might be enjoying the song, and if you announce your total disgust of their playlist-worthy piece, well, then you just might hurt a friendship a little without even realizing it.

          I'm a definite advocate of having an open mind toward all genres of music, however I also understand that there will always be those few songs or styles that our ears just can't accept no matter how hard we try to persuade them. Instead of throwing a little "This-music-sucks-I-hate-it" tantrum when that new atonal piano piece comes on, just politely ask, "Can we please change the station?" People will like you more. Trust me.


Written by Chloe Austin


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