How to Survive a Hardcore Show

          Hardcore shows can go one of two ways; either you're standing in the back watching a cool band play or you're getting killed when you're standing by the pit. We've all wanted to see our favorite bands from the very front because we want to connect with the musicians, but it's not totally possible for some us. Most of us, honestly! I'm only a mere five feet tall and 90 pounds, therefore I can't exactly block anyone from smashing into me.

         My favorite band is Bring Me the Horizon and I was too excited to see them playing at House of Blues last August. My boyfriend and I got a spot right in the front against the barricade. We watched the opening acts with a perfect view and all, but we were waiting for the main event. I knew I was going to freak once my favorite band took the stage. I've seen them a couple of times and even met them back in '09, but this was different-- I was right in the front! The lights dim, everyone cheers, and there they are. This would have been a glorious moment if there wasn't this one problem: those angry asshole hardcore guys.

          So here I am, getting pushed to the floor and having my hair pulled hard by multiple people. These guys were at least 200 pounds and much taller than me. Why the hell are they jumping to grab Oliver Sykes' crotch? Really, guys? Whatever. Anyways, I had to leave my spot because it was too much for me to handle. Being the emotional girl that I am, I'm crying and the security thinks I'm hurt badly. They hand me a cup of ice cold water and take me to the back of the room. I'm watching my favorite band play, but I just feel robbed. I was there early just to stand in that spot and after one minute, it's gone. Did I deserve that? Nope. No one really does.

          Moral of the story? None, actually. I was pretty bummed for a straight week. I've always asked myself why these guys decide to do this, but then I remember how I acted when I started going to shows. I was all about crowd surfing and moshing and being that asshole. It seems to be an adrenaline rush for some and maybe even a way to let your emotions out there without feeling down. All people take in music differently and it's proper show etiquette to accept that.

          You may ask yourself why you should let these big guys take over the pit and hurt those innocent bystanders. Yeah, it sucks, but remember that everyone is totally different when they listen to music and their way of expressing it isn't exactly safe. Those guys are flailing their arms in no specific direction, therefore they might hit you! To show your proper show etiquette, you should be the one to tell them to stop. Hold your fist out and kick the guy (not too hard!) back into the pit. They'll get it unless they're an actual angry tough guy who dances in the pit to punch little girls in the face. That actually happens, no kidding!

        If you're wondering where to stand in a crowd, think of yourself. Do you like being in the front of the crowd to sing along with the band and possibly get in their face? Go ahead and do it! But beware-- you will get pulled and shoved and hit and possibly have your hair pulled harder than you can ever imagine. Sometimes it's really worth it to stand there and have the time of your life. If you'd rather be watching the band and listening to the music, stand in the back. You may have an obstructed view, but you don't want to get involved with that nonsense. You're there to listen to the music instead of getting into the music and that's totally cool! Never feel as if you're lame because you're not jumping all over the place.

          As for those guys who will hurt you at one point, you've just gotta accept it. You can protect yourself or take a risk. Either way, try to have fun and focus on the music while being aware of your surroundings. That's what you're there for in the first place, the music! You should have fun and bounce around like an idiot or even just stand back and admire the beautiful work of a great band. After all, it's a show. Everyone belongs.

- Tunage 

Written by Jordan Mafi

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