Wize-Fool - "La Army of La Muertos Vol. 2" - Tunage Magazine
Brace yourself for Wize-Fool. With memorable samples and an unforgettable flow, Wize-Fool shows that collaboration is key. Upon listening to the first track of his album La Army of La Muertos Vol. 2, we hear the recognizable track of "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation. Throughout all the tracks, there are countless artists that Wize-Fool features himself with: Skrillex, Jim Morrison, James Brown, Tupac, Kurt Cobain, and many more. The variety of genres that are crafted into this album bring diversity and something different from all the other artists who have the ability to sample their idols.
Wize-Fool has the capability of giving an intimidating approach that puts him on the top of his game. Although Wize-Fool could be considered tough, he finds a way to provide a balance between hardcore and just alright. The beats that he uses in his music are fiery and totally upbeat.

Not only does Wize-Fool create music, but he directs music videos as well. Upon watching the music video for "Daddy" by CA$H, we see that the video is directed by Wize-Fool himself. With a dramatic approach and various visual effects, the viewer sees that Wize-Fool can pull a chord on your heartstrings by finding the right way to present the music in the most effective way. There are various other videos that Wize-Fool has been a part of as well on his YouTube page.

If you're into hearing your favorite songs with a new twist, Wize-Fool is right for you. Many producers around the globe could learn something from Wize-Fool, and that is to never be afraid to express yourself through your favorite music. It's apparent that Wize-Fool is inspired by many genres and many artists; who would have known that a guy like him would dig the stylings of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston? Variety makes all music interesting and Wize-Fool proves that he is the definition of variety.

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