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The Gaffer: Concert Review

Lauren Coughlin
Line Up:


Little Dead Girlfish

The Gaffer

The Gift/Curse

          Two weeks after the awesome metal show with JCVTW, Squirrelly Arts, Bad Acid Trip, and Actuary, I find myself here again at The Griffin to see a much tamer musical event. I arrived with my awesome husband as doors were opening and was greeted by the very distinct bar scent, later a couple of friends would meet us there to show their love for local music. After wandering around and deciding on what drink I would buy to quench my thirst, I made my way to a table to meet Martin Coughlin and Dave O’Reily of The Gaffer. Scott Mitchell, another member of The Gaffer arrived shortly after and joined our conversation. We decided to head outside so that I could conduct a before the show interview with them. The interview was fun and hope you will enjoy reading it. I enquired about the fourth member of the band and was informed that he was in the first band The Gift/Curse as well and would not be joining the interview. After getting to know these three high school buddies and sharing a few laughs, we made our way back inside to enjoy an evening of local music. It started off with The Gift/Curse, a four piece rock band signed with Greenbox Records.
          Their influences, to name a few are Hot Water Music, Faith No More, and San Diego’s very own Rocket From The Crypt who sadly are no longer together. Their interests as a band are simple and include eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing which is something I think most of us, well at least musicians enjoy. The night was still early so there weren’t too many people at the bar yet, but it made for a very intimate show. Their sound was pleasing to the ear and catchy. It wasn’t too poppy and it wasn’t lacking in elements. Everything was just right. The Gaffer made their way on to the stage next and I had never seen them play live. I was given their newest EP Occupy Yourself, which made a cozy home for itself in my iPod. You can also pick it up at any of their shows. Every member of The Gaffer is very talented. Martin played the keyboard, guitar and is the singer/songwriter for the band. They describe their sound as Oasis meets Led Zeppelin and it’s true. Their sound is of their own with hints of Oasis, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and The Who. 
          I enjoyed every minute of their set. The guitar player is a shredding beast and has great stage presence. He made it very easy for me to take some great photos of him during his solos. The bassist is very animated, jumping up and down and dancing. You can tell he loves playing and the music. The drummer was no shy guy as he made little faces and smiled with the bassist and guitarist throughout the show. Martin Really made the band complete with his vocals and ability to multitask between the keys and guitar all while singing. My favorite song was “Occupy Yourself” and apparently the crowd’s favorite as well. Everyone cheered, clapped, and whistled when they announced it was the next song on their play list. Every song connected perfectly to the next which made for a great set. The Gaffer was truly in their moment and you could see in their eyes and faces that there was nothing else they would rather be doing than giving you the gift of amazing music. The band set to play after The Gaffer, The Elephant Project whom I had heard great things about was unable to make it and a band called Little Dead Girlfish took their place. Unfortunately I didn’t feel that their sound went well with the other bands and their music left little to be desired. I have to give them some credit for their name at least, it is very unique.

        The last band of the night was Manifold. They took the night to an entirely new level with their precision and technical musicianship. They are a four piece band that has only been together for six months and this was their first live show. They consider themselves a hard rock progressive sound with a splash of alternative. Their influences range from Yes to The Beat Farmers and Black Sabbath to Paul Gilbert. They have a self titled that they will be releasing their first self titled EP sometime this summer and Tunage will keep you all posted on that that, also stay tuned for an interview with Manifold in the next few months. Their sound music was tasty, like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven and hope to give you guys some more information. I had a great time listening to all the wonderful music that filled my ears and mind and want to give a big thanks to The Gaffer for inviting me to come to the show and for the live interview (Coming Soon!).


Written by Lili Mooneyham

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