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Fresh From the Grave EP

          The brand new EP from the newly reunited Deadbeat Nightlife is fast, attention-grabbing, and very eclectic. Deadbeat Nightlife are a five-piece band that are self-proclaimed as "pre-hardcore." You may have read our feature about them in a previous issue of Tunage which includes an interview explaining how the band got back together after breaking off for quite a while. After writing and recording a couple of songs for the old fans and some new ones, DBNL has released an EP consisting of three songs that are fresh from the grave.

         Upon listening to the EP, you hear Micah Minor on vocals transitioning between singing and screaming. The guitar patterns may be basic, but the songs flow well and are pleasant to the ear. Micah wails into his microphone and then slips into a deep growl accompanied by a breakdown throughout a few songs. A vintage-like piano tune ends a few of the songs which give the tracklist an experimental feel. Some heavy grooves are played in a few songs that capture your attention like no other parts of the EP. Some of the tracks are so fast, they seem unstoppable. By the time you're done listening to the songs, all you'll be thinking about are Micah's irresistible voice and the everchanging pace of the EP.

          Kai Taylor fabricates great timing and drum patterns throughout the EP giving it the fast-paced feel. With the exception of a couple breakdowns, the whole thing keeps going and going. This is what separates Deadbeat Nightlife from all the other hardcore bands around right now-- they've got different techinques that fall under the post-hardcore category yet they incorporate them into their own music, thus creating their very own style of hardcore.

          The breakdowns may sound cliche to the untrained ear, however these breakdowns are done the right way. They're not overused nor are they annoying. They're simply placed at the right time and they even change pace to appease any boredom. The foundations of hardcore are used in this EP with a twist to make it their own. Deadbeat Nightlife has devised a truly impressive tracklisting for their first EP since the second formation of the band. This is only the beginning, and the beginning seems to be pretty fucking fantastic.

Listen to M.K.D.M.M.F.B.C

Sounds like Chiodos (old school, of course), From First to Last, Adestria
Download the EP for free at!

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi

The Gaffer: Concert Review

Lauren Coughlin
Line Up:


Little Dead Girlfish

The Gaffer

The Gift/Curse

          Two weeks after the awesome metal show with JCVTW, Squirrelly Arts, Bad Acid Trip, and Actuary, I find myself here again at The Griffin to see a much tamer musical event. I arrived with my awesome husband as doors were opening and was greeted by the very distinct bar scent, later a couple of friends would meet us there to show their love for local music. After wandering around and deciding on what drink I would buy to quench my thirst, I made my way to a table to meet Martin Coughlin and Dave O’Reily of The Gaffer. Scott Mitchell, another member of The Gaffer arrived shortly after and joined our conversation. We decided to head outside so that I could conduct a before the show interview with them. The interview was fun and hope you will enjoy reading it. I enquired about the fourth member of the band and was informed that he was in the first band The Gift/Curse as well and would not be joining the interview. After getting to know these three high school buddies and sharing a few laughs, we made our way back inside to enjoy an evening of local music. It started off with The Gift/Curse, a four piece rock band signed with Greenbox Records.




          What better night to go see a few hardcore bands than the night before Mother’s Day. I know it was an awesome treat for a mom like me who loves metal. I was invited to come out and see Jesus Christ vs. the World’s last show, possibly ever and boy. So I made my way out to The Griffin, formerly known as O’Connell’s back when I used to play there with the Jefferson Jay Band. Not too much has changed with the venue since new ownership. A few more booths were added and the bar was done up a bit, and they removed the gross couch that people used to love to sit on, but to me it seemed to be how I remembered it. I brought my husband along and my best friend Reverend Stickman because supporting local music is what we do, plus none of us had been to a hardcore show in a very long time. When we walked in, it was semi full and I saw a lot of interesting fans that were all dressed up to show their support for the hardcore scene and Actuary was already on stage. Actuary is a group of six guys from the Los Angeles area that play what they call Experimental/Noise/Grindcore music. 


Silversun Pickups take us to the Neck of the Woods

Hear ye, Hear ye!

          Silversun Pickups just released their anticipated album, Neck of the Woods, and they're sounding as good as ever. Check out the songs below as we give you a sweet review to this brilliant album.

        Silversun Pickups have been giving us great music since their first EP released in 2005, Pikul. They're an indie rock band with a highly organic sound. If you're a fan of Death Cab for Cutie, Anthony Green, or The Pixies, you'll love these guys.
            Right off the bat, one thing you’ll notice about this album is that it’s much more ambient sounding than the lat album the Silversun Pickups released in 2011, Swoon. Still, I have to say, I love it. “Skin Graph” gives a beautiful introduction that makes you feel like you’re walking into these woods. They’ve painted a picture for us with blues and indigoes. As the song picks up, all of your anticipation for the album bursts into glory as you finally get to hear Brian’s voice. The cong already gives you a familiar feeling of soaring that the Silversun Pickups have given you before. My most favorite song has to be “Make Believe”. The chorus of that song stands out the most in my mind. The buildup to the guitar solo is incredible. Silversun Pickups have always managed to bring familiar influences from bands like The Pixies and knit them into a bigger idea that makes them unique. This album does a great job in showing that creativity.

             Another great song in this album is “Mean Spirits”. It starts out with a rough and deep guitar and bass riff that drives the song to an even more orgasmic and familiar buildup that the Silversun Pickups are known for. This song brings the alternative rock elements that they’ve had in previous albums into play. It’s a warm and familiar feeling that you just can’t get enough of. Bring on the distortion! We love it.

          Each song stands great on its own. The Silversun Pickups do a great job in having a good variety of sounds and elements in their songs. What makes this album so impressive is the obvious creative step they’ve taken in this album to evolve as a band. They’re as fresh as ever and they’re the same indie band we’ll always love.

If you like what you hear, here's the link to their facebook page and official band page so you can go get some sweet new songs to listen to. 

- Tunage

Written by Deanna Trombley

Adestria Gives Metalheads Exactly What They Want and More.

          The first full-length from San Diego's own metalcore band Adestria is extraordinary to say the least. For those who have known Adestria since their first EP, Oh, the Places You'll Go, prepare to be blown away by these dudes. Chapters is a definite step-up from their first release by delivering seriously impressive music. By composing memorable lyrics, badass guitar solos, flawless drums, and impressive use of a synthesizer, Adestria makes their mark on this album.

          Chapters is a fast-paced album with its breakdowns here and there, satisfying metalheads all over the country. Matt Anderson's vocals are extremely distinctive, although they do resemble those of Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada. Besides the brutal screams, each chorus of every song has clean singing that gets a bit typical near the end of the album, but it's fun to sing along to nonetheless. The use of a synth and some piano scores on the album is a great addition and sounds as if it completes Adestria's tone. 

          The first track on the album, "Compromised," is fast and a great way to kickstart the listener's interest. There's even a cool guitar solo and some great drum patterns throughout the song. One of the songs off the album is accompanied by Tyler "Telle" Smith of The Word Alive, a voice that is so recognizable and fits in the song perfectly. Gang vocals are shouted over the seemingly earth-shattering breakdown on "The Odyssey," lyrics that are yelled with pride at Adestria's live shows. The most surprising song on the album would have to be "More Than You Know." It's not like the others and gives the listener a refreshing break from all the noise. Needless to say, it's the smartest and most impressive feature that was put on this album. 

          Overall, Chapters is a divine production with astoundingly clean sound. It's fast, energetic, and strikingly positive. The mood of the album will not bring the listener down. There are a few great guitar solos that are worth listening to and Matt's high vocals are pleasantly unforgettable. The choruses will become old by the end of the album and the breakdowns are easily predictable, but they all seem to fit into the voice of the album just the way it should. If you've known Adestria since the beginning of their stardom, you'll understand why listeners everywhere have had their socks knocked right off their feet.

Listen to Compromised, The Odyssey, and More Than You Know

Sounds like The Devil Wears Prada, Motionless in White, and Of Mice & Men

If you want more info on Adestria and their new album, check out their facebook page right here.

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi

Never Break

          Kill, war, suicide, dead! That was the line up at Rutabaga Suicide's CD release show in March, 23rd. All four bands got together and flipped a coin. Kill The Car, a face-melting 3-piece of thrashing goodness from Winchester, Virginia started it off. Warhawk, a metal quartet with unforgettable baselines came next. The stars of the night, Rutabaga Suicide, an easy-to-love punk rock 4-piece from Carlisle, Pennsylvania  opened up the second half. Finally, Dead Television, which happens to be the band I'm in, brought in the rear. I feel honored to have headlined the CD release show for the most kickass band ever to come out of Pennsylvania, and if check out their featured songs, you'll understand why.

          Whenever I play or go see a Rutabaga Suicide show, I end up having mixed emotions. The first emotion always being, "HOLY SHIT THEY ARE AWESOME!" Then comes my sorrow-filled emotion, "HOW COME I CAN'T BE AWESOME LIKE THAT?!" I feel these emotions whenever I pop in their new album, Never Break. Bob, the bassist and co-vocalist, kicks off the first song, which is self-titled, with a bassline that rapidly builds your anticipation for the moment of eardrum-bursting that you know is coming. Sure enough, drum and guitar come in and then you hear, "Let's go!" From there, any intentions you had on sitting still and modestly bobbing your head to the rythym has completely gone out the window. I can't listen to a single measure of that song without head-banging. It's literally impossible, and that night was no different.
         Another song that shouldn't go unnoticed, not that any of there songs should, is "Carrie Fischer". There is this classic 70's punk feel about the vocals that remind you why punk exists; because it's straight up everything you ever needed. The riff is simple yet badass and there's a fitting solo towards the end, so before you get anxious and skim through all the songs, stick around for the solo. It's worth it.

         "Creeping Fiend" is another song that you better not dare overlook. It starts off with drums only, which I personally love. Precussion is the best way to open up a fast-paced face-melter like this one. This is the kind of song you'll listen to and roll through a shopping center with the windows down, smirking at all the dirty looks from soccer moms and elderly people as you go by.

          Rutabaga Suicide never plays a set I don't like. No matter how drunk they get, their skill still surpasses that of some people on the top 40 hit list today. Their CD release show was utterly amazing due to them, and their new album, Never Break, is a CD that absolutely needs to be in your collection if you love fast, loud, ear-splitting punk rock. You can find Rutabaga Suicide on Facebook. Don't forget to drop them a line if you like what you hear. Hah! What am I saying? "If" you like what you hear. How couldn't you?!

- Tunage

Written by Laura Sullivan

I The Mighty Prepares Us For the End of the World.

          The taunting wait for I The Mighty's first ever Equal Visions Records EP Karma Never Sleeps is almost over, and they streamed the whole thing on YouTube! Although, needless to say, you're going to want to get it for yourself on March 27th when it's offically released, and you still have time to pre order it with some wicked merch. Don't let a deal like that slip through your fingers!

          I The Mighty is a progressive/alternative rock band from San Francisco. If you’re a fan of Say Anything or Envy On the Coast, you’re gonna love these guys. They’ve released two previous EPs, one being self-titled, and the second titled Hearts and Spades. As for Karma Never Sleeps, the guys really packed their sound with a lot of drive. We like the drive. The EP introduces you to what you’re in for which, as they so eloquently put it, is “the earthquake coming on”. They tell the listener to wake up, and they get their attention by the throat. It was a perfect song selection to get you pumped for what else they have in store in this EP.

          I have to say as I listened to the EP, one of the biggest things that stood out to me was the variety in their bridges.  I can’t begin to tell you how many bands overuse the, wait for it…. BREAKDOWN. You don’t get that with I The Mighty. These guys really do diversity a justice. Each song explores a different sound, while staying true to this EPs homage. In “These Streets Are Alive”,  the song begins with a cry for help. The seams of the world are being gently pulled away. By the second half of the song, you’d imagine the buildings of cities are crashing and burning down as we face our ‘inevitable and impending doom of the end of the world’ (which is scheduled to be this year, if I’m not mistaken). If the world does come to a horrible, fatal ending, this is a song I wouldn’t mind going down with, because the lyrics are downright epic, bringing tragedy and hope together in a beautiful collision of contradiction emotion. You can also hear how their guitar and vocal styles have really developed handsomely. Every time you hear that tremolo, you feel like fighting, and I don’t mean the fist-pumping-tribal-ape-mosher kind of fighting.The kind fighting you do with hope because things might be tough now, but there’s a promise for something better up ahead. This is the kind of stuff we need these days, and I The Mighty truly delivers it.

          Go see for yourself, and pick up your copy of the Karma Never Sleeps EP once it’s released on March 26th.

- Tunage

Written by Deanna Trombley