Collisions and Near Misses: Dream Lik I Do

          The day has finally come, K Sera has released the first single to their highly anticipated debut album, Collisions and Near Misses. If you haven't picked up their single, "Dream, Like I Do" I highly urge you to open up you iTunes and give the guys some love and support, because this single has definitely earned it.

         This is just the beginning of something beautiful, my friends. K Sera is picking up momentum and this upcoming album is going offer that brilliant collision you have been waiting for.
One of the greatest things about K Sera is that these guys keep growing and maturing as musicians with each EP they throw out, and now with their full length album on its way, they're taking the time to show you what they've got.

"Dream Like I Do" has a video game style melody playing over the lyrics, giving a playful idea on what they really mean with Collisions and Near Misses.

What makes this song so powerful is the massive build up in the instrumentation that starts fright from the beginning. You can definitely here the creative influence from The Dear Hunter's Casey Crescenzo in the final mix of this song. The thoughtful collaboration gave the music a fresh chance in showcasing the elements that we've come to love about K Sera.
Element 1:
Mike Caswell's wicked pipes. Ever since The Machinist EP, Caswell has been delivering falsettos, great range, and most importantly, amazing enthusiasm. You get all of this again in "Dream, Like I Do". He still has that seamless transition between his shouts of  "could you set yourself on fire" to the lullaby like chorus of "They don't dream at all, they don't dream like I do".

Element 2:
The guitars and driving bass! The new guitar licks are tearing a new hole in the universe. The guys have definitely evolved since their first EP. The tremolos and the syncopations from the guitar, Jordan's agressive bass guitar, are great thunderous support to the singing in the song.

Element 3:
Dustin's drumming. Enough said. He has powerful drumming skills that you don't see as often in many bands anymore. Not once in a K Sera song has he been simply a background beat to the melody. No, he marches to the beat of his own drum and it's simply awesome. In "Dream, Like I Do" your attention is drawn to his fast rhythms and driving beats. This guy is a beast.

Element 4:
There is no 'I' in team. Something that made K Sera always work was the collaboration between all the band members. Each clearly has his unique strength. Still, there is no competition for attention, rather a seamless collaboration in making the most euphoric and might I add, badass sounds that they can come up with. It's an orchestration and even Ludwig Van Beethoven would say, "Damn, that was awesome".

Element 5:
The lyrics. "Dream, Like I Do" has to be one of K Sera's most memorable songs yet while still avoiding the horrific "pop" syndrome. Throughout the release of previous EP's, K Sera has challenged listeners to become the best human beings they can be, with thoughtful lines and song titles ("We Were Thinking of Evolving", "Don't fade away", "Go build yourself up, I'm so proud I know you", and a personal favorite, "If you find yourself walking through hell, hey kid, keep walking till you find your way out"). "Dream, Like I Do" isn't any different. They're still as encouraging, and what is more, they have that fight in them that we love so much.

Keep up to date on all things K Sera at their facebook page. You don't want to miss what they have in store for you.

What's your favorite thing about "Dream, Like I Do"? Let us know in the comments below!

 Written by Deanna Trombley

12/15/2013 06:05:34 am

This band was a great unexpected surprise!Thank you for the new music!


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