With hypnotic guitar solos, earth-shattering drumwork, a bassist who's great with his hands and a voice of gold, Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects couldn't get any better. The band consists of Ivan Mihaljevic on guitar and vocals, Marko Karacic Karo on bass and Alen Frljak on drums. This eclectic rock band hails from Zagreb Croatia and have already released two albums to this day.

Upon playing the first track on their latest album, Counterclockwise, we are greeted with a mysterious introduction that doesn't prepare us for what's about to come. "Build Your Destiny" is the groundbreaking track following the introduction. This song kicks you harder than you've ever been kicked before. The stunning instrumentals are capable of completely blowing your mind. Some of the elements in this track are totally unexpected, like the out-of-the-blue yet totally awesome bass solo near the end. It's clear after the first track that we are in for a ride.

Songs like "Driving Force" and "Gift of Life" are instantly uplifting in an interesting way. "Time Travel" is an instrumental song that showcases the talents of each member in this trio. The album closes strongly with a truly technical track called "Eclipse" and slowly ends with "I Am." The last few seconds of the album are reminiscent of the introduction we hear in the very beginning, providing a sense of familiarity and a new experience ending.

After fully embracing all nine tracks of Counterclockwise, it is apparent that Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects are beyond masterful. Each and every note played by this trio seems to be better than the last. If you're into bands like Avenged Sevenfold and System of a Down, you'll definitely find yourself diving into Counterclockwise.

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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ivan-mihaljevic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/imandse

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