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Are you in to ponder the oddities and simple pleasures of life or just smoke a bowl and relax the night away? Listen to Dayfade tonight. In this all-new beat tape, Vol(you)(me) 1, the listener will experience the sounds of life interpreted by Devin McGuire, the man who is behind this city's upcoming face of hip hop. The sounds of Dayfade are easy-going and totally chill. The many beats are usually slow and utterly relaxing, yet the tracks are very concise which brings variety to the beat tape. Dayfade is the face of true hip hop around SD and shows it well in all of these tracks.

          Dayfade's beats are best described as chill. To be in the zone with these beats, you gotta close your eyes and just take it in. When the first track begins to play, the first element that is noticeable is the soothing vibe. Each song eases you in and it is almost sedating. The smooth beats of every track lulls the listener into a new state of mind. It's evident that Dayfade's goal is to bring you into a fresh mood and become one with the music.

           An element that is redoubtable in this beat tape is the fact that Dayfade can produce such short and sweet tracks yet still grab the listener's attention. The tracklist is a whopping 21 tracks, but the variety of each track is undeniable. The exciting thing about this beat tape is the fact that the listener doesn't know what to expect of the next track. Some songs are chill and calming and others are upbeat and groovy. The short runtime of each song disables the listener to be bored with a song. Although almost every track is this way, the last one is a four-minute tune to leave you feeling good vibes.

           The main reason this beat tape should be respected and listened to is the fact that it is true hip hop. There's no judging, no opinions, and no offense in any of these beats. Dayfade shows that hip hop is almost unspoken in a sense that it can be respected and understood by just a mere beat. For hip hop lovers and newbies alike, these tracks say something. A track could be telling listeners to think deeply about the world around them or even just to kick back and chill out. The latter is the greatest way to enjoy this beat tape for sure.

           With the right state of mind (and even with the wrong one), these beats can speak to a longtime hip hop fan one way or another. There's nothing like killing all your stress with a great beat tape to listen to and resonate with. Dayfade mixes it up with these repetitive yet pleasantly catchy songs by getting to the point without dragging out any beat. These tracks are killer for a late night in, a kickback with your buddies, or playlist when you're completely stoned. Take a listen and become one with hip hop.

Rating: 7/10

Listen to: I Can Make Love

Sounds like: A unique composition of music that cannot be compared!

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi

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