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The Gaffer: Concert Review

Lauren Coughlin
Line Up:


Little Dead Girlfish

The Gaffer

The Gift/Curse

          Two weeks after the awesome metal show with JCVTW, Squirrelly Arts, Bad Acid Trip, and Actuary, I find myself here again at The Griffin to see a much tamer musical event. I arrived with my awesome husband as doors were opening and was greeted by the very distinct bar scent, later a couple of friends would meet us there to show their love for local music. After wandering around and deciding on what drink I would buy to quench my thirst, I made my way to a table to meet Martin Coughlin and Dave O’Reily of The Gaffer. Scott Mitchell, another member of The Gaffer arrived shortly after and joined our conversation. We decided to head outside so that I could conduct a before the show interview with them. The interview was fun and hope you will enjoy reading it. I enquired about the fourth member of the band and was informed that he was in the first band The Gift/Curse as well and would not be joining the interview. After getting to know these three high school buddies and sharing a few laughs, we made our way back inside to enjoy an evening of local music. It started off with The Gift/Curse, a four piece rock band signed with Greenbox Records.