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This one's for the fans of alternative, grungy, good old Rock-n-Roll. Hailing from Poway, CA comes Monkeys in Space. The band formed in December of 2008 with one main goal-- to spread the badassery of rock, of course. The band members consist of Johnny Rukkus on guitar and vocals, Jeremy Vara also on guitar and vocals, Scott Szikla on bass, and Jason Dean on the drums. Sweet riffs and a truly awesome solo make its way throughout the seven tracks on this EP titled Flying Under the Influence. Monkeys in Space represent all that is Rock-n-Roll. They're totally grunge, groovy, and sound like a mix of awesome bands. You're in for a treat with these guys.

It has been said that rock is dead, but Monkeys in Space prove that this cliché is far from the truth. The dudes in this band show listeners everywhere that every aspect of rock is alive and it is proven in this EP. With grungy and groovy tunes, MiS reel in the listener with no hesitation. "Supermodel Suitcase" is totally and completely the highlight of the EP. Raspy vocals and groovy guitar make the song so unbelievably rock, it almost hurts. These guys make it obvious that they know rock and they know how to replicate it in the best way possible.

Grunge is the word that I'd use to describe the band's overall sound. Each track has its own grungy moment that reminds the listener of bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Although I would describe them as a grunge band, MiS are most definitely not limited to that label. Their vibes seem to be infinitely multifarious. The genre of the EP morphs throughout each track which is a fascinating thing to capture when listening to an album. If you're into grungy music with a pinch of alternative and a boost of rock, this band is for you.

          Monkeys in Space can be compared to many notable bands such as Foo Fighters and Muse. Johnny's vocals are so much like Dave Grohl's with a twist of personal flair. It'd be absurd if a fan of rock couldn't hear the comparison between this band and many other popular alt/rock bands. This makes MiS much more prone to positive exposure with the rock scene. For all we know, they could open up for a Grammy award-winning band and get a standing ovation while the crowd asks, "Who the hell are these guys? They rock!"

          Once the end is near, you won't want it to end. The guitar work is truly impressive and those lyrics and vocals are 100% badass. The number one thing that can be said about this EP? Rock, rock, rock. It couldn't be more simple than that and that's the beauty of it. Upon listening to Monkeys in Space, the listener will reminisce those true rock bands that made their way to the top by making music that is just like the tracks on this EP. It's safe to say that MiS is going somewhere. Download this and I guarantee you won't be sorry. Rock on!

Rating: 8.5/10

Listen to: Whiskey Kings, Supermodel Suitcase, and Scream

Sounds like: Foo Fighters, Muse, and Rage Against the Machine

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Written by Jordan Mafi