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I The Mighty Prepares Us For the End of the World.

          The taunting wait for I The Mighty's first ever Equal Visions Records EP Karma Never Sleeps is almost over, and they streamed the whole thing on YouTube! Although, needless to say, you're going to want to get it for yourself on March 27th when it's offically released, and you still have time to pre order it with some wicked merch. Don't let a deal like that slip through your fingers!

          I The Mighty is a progressive/alternative rock band from San Francisco. If you’re a fan of Say Anything or Envy On the Coast, you’re gonna love these guys. They’ve released two previous EPs, one being self-titled, and the second titled Hearts and Spades. As for Karma Never Sleeps, the guys really packed their sound with a lot of drive. We like the drive. The EP introduces you to what you’re in for which, as they so eloquently put it, is “the earthquake coming on”. They tell the listener to wake up, and they get their attention by the throat. It was a perfect song selection to get you pumped for what else they have in store in this EP.

          I have to say as I listened to the EP, one of the biggest things that stood out to me was the variety in their bridges.  I can’t begin to tell you how many bands overuse the, wait for it…. BREAKDOWN. You don’t get that with I The Mighty. These guys really do diversity a justice. Each song explores a different sound, while staying true to this EPs homage. In “These Streets Are Alive”,  the song begins with a cry for help. The seams of the world are being gently pulled away. By the second half of the song, you’d imagine the buildings of cities are crashing and burning down as we face our ‘inevitable and impending doom of the end of the world’ (which is scheduled to be this year, if I’m not mistaken). If the world does come to a horrible, fatal ending, this is a song I wouldn’t mind going down with, because the lyrics are downright epic, bringing tragedy and hope together in a beautiful collision of contradiction emotion. You can also hear how their guitar and vocal styles have really developed handsomely. Every time you hear that tremolo, you feel like fighting, and I don’t mean the fist-pumping-tribal-ape-mosher kind of fighting.The kind fighting you do with hope because things might be tough now, but there’s a promise for something better up ahead. This is the kind of stuff we need these days, and I The Mighty truly delivers it.

          Go see for yourself, and pick up your copy of the Karma Never Sleeps EP once it’s released on March 26th.

- Tunage

Written by Deanna Trombley