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Brace yourself for Wize-Fool. With memorable samples and an unforgettable flow, Wize-Fool shows that collaboration is key. Upon listening to the first track of his album La Army of La Muertos Vol. 2, we hear the recognizable track of "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation. Throughout all the tracks, there are countless artists that Wize-Fool features himself with: Skrillex, Jim Morrison, James Brown, Tupac, Kurt Cobain, and many more. The variety of genres that are crafted into this album bring diversity and something different from all the other artists who have the ability to sample their idols.
Wize-Fool has the capability of giving an intimidating approach that puts him on the top of his game. Although Wize-Fool could be considered tough, he finds a way to provide a balance between hardcore and just alright. The beats that he uses in his music are fiery and totally upbeat.

Not only does Wize-Fool create music, but he directs music videos as well. Upon watching the music video for "Daddy" by CA$H, we see that the video is directed by Wize-Fool himself. With a dramatic approach and various visual effects, the viewer sees that Wize-Fool can pull a chord on your heartstrings by finding the right way to present the music in the most effective way. There are various other videos that Wize-Fool has been a part of as well on his YouTube page.

If you're into hearing your favorite songs with a new twist, Wize-Fool is right for you. Many producers around the globe could learn something from Wize-Fool, and that is to never be afraid to express yourself through your favorite music. It's apparent that Wize-Fool is inspired by many genres and many artists; who would have known that a guy like him would dig the stylings of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston? Variety makes all music interesting and Wize-Fool proves that he is the definition of variety.
What makes hip hop personal? It seems that in 20 Nickelz' case, it's the lyrics and the way you spit them out. 20 Nickelz is the group of Tone Touch and Momentum. Tone Touch was born and raised in Walterboro, SC and Momentum was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Both artists represent Virginia Beach, VA and their hometowns. The music of 20 Nickelz is personal, cool, and very hip hop. 20 Nickelz' explosive new mixtape, Choppers & Triplebeams Vol. 1: Valentine's Day Massacre, dropped on February 28th, 2013. This new release consists of 24 brand new tracks that equally represent the talent of Tone Touch and Momentum.

Each song sounds like a new experience. "All Together (Featuring Earleybird)" is a mellow, personal song that is reminiscent of family and friends. A great song that changes the pace of the mixtape is "Back 2 Back," a track that really revs you up and makes you feel totally badass. "Back 2 Back" truly represents the face of rap music today. "The Big One (Featuring J-ONE)" has a melody that you could never get out of your mind along with an ear-capturing female singer oohing and ahhing in the background. The flow of Tone Touch and Momentum is undeniably fresh and definitely top-notch. J-ONE is featured on multiple tracks, proving that 20 Nickelz should consider adding a new member to the mix.

"Diamonds (Featuring Silentmind)" is one of my personal favorite songs off the mixtape. This song has a great guitar lead throughout the track and rapping that sounds like some of your favorite artists like Tupac and Kid Cudi. You would think that the song "Bad Bitch" would make you feel like a bad bitch, but the song is relatively mellow yet subtly intense due to the lyrics that are rapped in a really badass tone. "U Don't Want That" is placed in a very wise spot near the end, closing the curtain before the last track "Ask Ya Self" bids goodbye.

As mentioned earlier, the lyrics throughout the entire mixtape are well thought-out and very original. These guys represent their hometowns and the way they grew up when they were young until the age they are now. The best part about 20 Nickelz is the fact that you won't hear an imitation of another artist on their mixtapes; these guys are completely original. Check out the mixtape here:

Written by Jordan Mafi
This one's for the fans of alternative, grungy, good old Rock-n-Roll. Hailing from Poway, CA comes Monkeys in Space. The band formed in December of 2008 with one main goal-- to spread the badassery of rock, of course. The band members consist of Johnny Rukkus on guitar and vocals, Jeremy Vara also on guitar and vocals, Scott Szikla on bass, and Jason Dean on the drums. Sweet riffs and a truly awesome solo make its way throughout the seven tracks on this EP titled Flying Under the Influence. Monkeys in Space represent all that is Rock-n-Roll. They're totally grunge, groovy, and sound like a mix of awesome bands. You're in for a treat with these guys.

It has been said that rock is dead, but Monkeys in Space prove that this cliché is far from the truth. The dudes in this band show listeners everywhere that every aspect of rock is alive and it is proven in this EP. With grungy and groovy tunes, MiS reel in the listener with no hesitation. "Supermodel Suitcase" is totally and completely the highlight of the EP. Raspy vocals and groovy guitar make the song so unbelievably rock, it almost hurts. These guys make it obvious that they know rock and they know how to replicate it in the best way possible.

Grunge is the word that I'd use to describe the band's overall sound. Each track has its own grungy moment that reminds the listener of bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Although I would describe them as a grunge band, MiS are most definitely not limited to that label. Their vibes seem to be infinitely multifarious. The genre of the EP morphs throughout each track which is a fascinating thing to capture when listening to an album. If you're into grungy music with a pinch of alternative and a boost of rock, this band is for you.

          Monkeys in Space can be compared to many notable bands such as Foo Fighters and Muse. Johnny's vocals are so much like Dave Grohl's with a twist of personal flair. It'd be absurd if a fan of rock couldn't hear the comparison between this band and many other popular alt/rock bands. This makes MiS much more prone to positive exposure with the rock scene. For all we know, they could open up for a Grammy award-winning band and get a standing ovation while the crowd asks, "Who the hell are these guys? They rock!"

          Once the end is near, you won't want it to end. The guitar work is truly impressive and those lyrics and vocals are 100% badass. The number one thing that can be said about this EP? Rock, rock, rock. It couldn't be more simple than that and that's the beauty of it. Upon listening to Monkeys in Space, the listener will reminisce those true rock bands that made their way to the top by making music that is just like the tracks on this EP. It's safe to say that MiS is going somewhere. Download this and I guarantee you won't be sorry. Rock on!

Rating: 8.5/10

Listen to: Whiskey Kings, Supermodel Suitcase, and Scream

Sounds like: Foo Fighters, Muse, and Rage Against the Machine

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi
Are you in to ponder the oddities and simple pleasures of life or just smoke a bowl and relax the night away? Listen to Dayfade tonight. In this all-new beat tape, Vol(you)(me) 1, the listener will experience the sounds of life interpreted by Devin McGuire, the man who is behind this city's upcoming face of hip hop. The sounds of Dayfade are easy-going and totally chill. The many beats are usually slow and utterly relaxing, yet the tracks are very concise which brings variety to the beat tape. Dayfade is the face of true hip hop around SD and shows it well in all of these tracks.

          Dayfade's beats are best described as chill. To be in the zone with these beats, you gotta close your eyes and just take it in. When the first track begins to play, the first element that is noticeable is the soothing vibe. Each song eases you in and it is almost sedating. The smooth beats of every track lulls the listener into a new state of mind. It's evident that Dayfade's goal is to bring you into a fresh mood and become one with the music.

           An element that is redoubtable in this beat tape is the fact that Dayfade can produce such short and sweet tracks yet still grab the listener's attention. The tracklist is a whopping 21 tracks, but the variety of each track is undeniable. The exciting thing about this beat tape is the fact that the listener doesn't know what to expect of the next track. Some songs are chill and calming and others are upbeat and groovy. The short runtime of each song disables the listener to be bored with a song. Although almost every track is this way, the last one is a four-minute tune to leave you feeling good vibes.

           The main reason this beat tape should be respected and listened to is the fact that it is true hip hop. There's no judging, no opinions, and no offense in any of these beats. Dayfade shows that hip hop is almost unspoken in a sense that it can be respected and understood by just a mere beat. For hip hop lovers and newbies alike, these tracks say something. A track could be telling listeners to think deeply about the world around them or even just to kick back and chill out. The latter is the greatest way to enjoy this beat tape for sure.

           With the right state of mind (and even with the wrong one), these beats can speak to a longtime hip hop fan one way or another. There's nothing like killing all your stress with a great beat tape to listen to and resonate with. Dayfade mixes it up with these repetitive yet pleasantly catchy songs by getting to the point without dragging out any beat. These tracks are killer for a late night in, a kickback with your buddies, or playlist when you're completely stoned. Take a listen and become one with hip hop.

Rating: 7/10

Listen to: I Can Make Love

Sounds like: A unique composition of music that cannot be compared!

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi

Fresh From the Grave EP

          The brand new EP from the newly reunited Deadbeat Nightlife is fast, attention-grabbing, and very eclectic. Deadbeat Nightlife are a five-piece band that are self-proclaimed as "pre-hardcore." You may have read our feature about them in a previous issue of Tunage which includes an interview explaining how the band got back together after breaking off for quite a while. After writing and recording a couple of songs for the old fans and some new ones, DBNL has released an EP consisting of three songs that are fresh from the grave.

         Upon listening to the EP, you hear Micah Minor on vocals transitioning between singing and screaming. The guitar patterns may be basic, but the songs flow well and are pleasant to the ear. Micah wails into his microphone and then slips into a deep growl accompanied by a breakdown throughout a few songs. A vintage-like piano tune ends a few of the songs which give the tracklist an experimental feel. Some heavy grooves are played in a few songs that capture your attention like no other parts of the EP. Some of the tracks are so fast, they seem unstoppable. By the time you're done listening to the songs, all you'll be thinking about are Micah's irresistible voice and the everchanging pace of the EP.

          Kai Taylor fabricates great timing and drum patterns throughout the EP giving it the fast-paced feel. With the exception of a couple breakdowns, the whole thing keeps going and going. This is what separates Deadbeat Nightlife from all the other hardcore bands around right now-- they've got different techinques that fall under the post-hardcore category yet they incorporate them into their own music, thus creating their very own style of hardcore.

          The breakdowns may sound cliche to the untrained ear, however these breakdowns are done the right way. They're not overused nor are they annoying. They're simply placed at the right time and they even change pace to appease any boredom. The foundations of hardcore are used in this EP with a twist to make it their own. Deadbeat Nightlife has devised a truly impressive tracklisting for their first EP since the second formation of the band. This is only the beginning, and the beginning seems to be pretty fucking fantastic.

Listen to M.K.D.M.M.F.B.C

Sounds like Chiodos (old school, of course), From First to Last, Adestria
Download the EP for free at!

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi

Adestria Gives Metalheads Exactly What They Want and More.

          The first full-length from San Diego's own metalcore band Adestria is extraordinary to say the least. For those who have known Adestria since their first EP, Oh, the Places You'll Go, prepare to be blown away by these dudes. Chapters is a definite step-up from their first release by delivering seriously impressive music. By composing memorable lyrics, badass guitar solos, flawless drums, and impressive use of a synthesizer, Adestria makes their mark on this album.

          Chapters is a fast-paced album with its breakdowns here and there, satisfying metalheads all over the country. Matt Anderson's vocals are extremely distinctive, although they do resemble those of Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada. Besides the brutal screams, each chorus of every song has clean singing that gets a bit typical near the end of the album, but it's fun to sing along to nonetheless. The use of a synth and some piano scores on the album is a great addition and sounds as if it completes Adestria's tone. 

          The first track on the album, "Compromised," is fast and a great way to kickstart the listener's interest. There's even a cool guitar solo and some great drum patterns throughout the song. One of the songs off the album is accompanied by Tyler "Telle" Smith of The Word Alive, a voice that is so recognizable and fits in the song perfectly. Gang vocals are shouted over the seemingly earth-shattering breakdown on "The Odyssey," lyrics that are yelled with pride at Adestria's live shows. The most surprising song on the album would have to be "More Than You Know." It's not like the others and gives the listener a refreshing break from all the noise. Needless to say, it's the smartest and most impressive feature that was put on this album. 

          Overall, Chapters is a divine production with astoundingly clean sound. It's fast, energetic, and strikingly positive. The mood of the album will not bring the listener down. There are a few great guitar solos that are worth listening to and Matt's high vocals are pleasantly unforgettable. The choruses will become old by the end of the album and the breakdowns are easily predictable, but they all seem to fit into the voice of the album just the way it should. If you've known Adestria since the beginning of their stardom, you'll understand why listeners everywhere have had their socks knocked right off their feet.

Listen to Compromised, The Odyssey, and More Than You Know

Sounds like The Devil Wears Prada, Motionless in White, and Of Mice & Men

If you want more info on Adestria and their new album, check out their facebook page right here.

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi