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Fresh From the Grave EP

          The brand new EP from the newly reunited Deadbeat Nightlife is fast, attention-grabbing, and very eclectic. Deadbeat Nightlife are a five-piece band that are self-proclaimed as "pre-hardcore." You may have read our feature about them in a previous issue of Tunage which includes an interview explaining how the band got back together after breaking off for quite a while. After writing and recording a couple of songs for the old fans and some new ones, DBNL has released an EP consisting of three songs that are fresh from the grave.

         Upon listening to the EP, you hear Micah Minor on vocals transitioning between singing and screaming. The guitar patterns may be basic, but the songs flow well and are pleasant to the ear. Micah wails into his microphone and then slips into a deep growl accompanied by a breakdown throughout a few songs. A vintage-like piano tune ends a few of the songs which give the tracklist an experimental feel. Some heavy grooves are played in a few songs that capture your attention like no other parts of the EP. Some of the tracks are so fast, they seem unstoppable. By the time you're done listening to the songs, all you'll be thinking about are Micah's irresistible voice and the everchanging pace of the EP.

          Kai Taylor fabricates great timing and drum patterns throughout the EP giving it the fast-paced feel. With the exception of a couple breakdowns, the whole thing keeps going and going. This is what separates Deadbeat Nightlife from all the other hardcore bands around right now-- they've got different techinques that fall under the post-hardcore category yet they incorporate them into their own music, thus creating their very own style of hardcore.

          The breakdowns may sound cliche to the untrained ear, however these breakdowns are done the right way. They're not overused nor are they annoying. They're simply placed at the right time and they even change pace to appease any boredom. The foundations of hardcore are used in this EP with a twist to make it their own. Deadbeat Nightlife has devised a truly impressive tracklisting for their first EP since the second formation of the band. This is only the beginning, and the beginning seems to be pretty fucking fantastic.

Listen to M.K.D.M.M.F.B.C

Sounds like Chiodos (old school, of course), From First to Last, Adestria
Download the EP for free at!

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Written by Jordan Mafi