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Adestria Gives Metalheads Exactly What They Want and More.

          The first full-length from San Diego's own metalcore band Adestria is extraordinary to say the least. For those who have known Adestria since their first EP, Oh, the Places You'll Go, prepare to be blown away by these dudes. Chapters is a definite step-up from their first release by delivering seriously impressive music. By composing memorable lyrics, badass guitar solos, flawless drums, and impressive use of a synthesizer, Adestria makes their mark on this album.

          Chapters is a fast-paced album with its breakdowns here and there, satisfying metalheads all over the country. Matt Anderson's vocals are extremely distinctive, although they do resemble those of Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada. Besides the brutal screams, each chorus of every song has clean singing that gets a bit typical near the end of the album, but it's fun to sing along to nonetheless. The use of a synth and some piano scores on the album is a great addition and sounds as if it completes Adestria's tone. 

          The first track on the album, "Compromised," is fast and a great way to kickstart the listener's interest. There's even a cool guitar solo and some great drum patterns throughout the song. One of the songs off the album is accompanied by Tyler "Telle" Smith of The Word Alive, a voice that is so recognizable and fits in the song perfectly. Gang vocals are shouted over the seemingly earth-shattering breakdown on "The Odyssey," lyrics that are yelled with pride at Adestria's live shows. The most surprising song on the album would have to be "More Than You Know." It's not like the others and gives the listener a refreshing break from all the noise. Needless to say, it's the smartest and most impressive feature that was put on this album. 

          Overall, Chapters is a divine production with astoundingly clean sound. It's fast, energetic, and strikingly positive. The mood of the album will not bring the listener down. There are a few great guitar solos that are worth listening to and Matt's high vocals are pleasantly unforgettable. The choruses will become old by the end of the album and the breakdowns are easily predictable, but they all seem to fit into the voice of the album just the way it should. If you've known Adestria since the beginning of their stardom, you'll understand why listeners everywhere have had their socks knocked right off their feet.

Listen to Compromised, The Odyssey, and More Than You Know

Sounds like The Devil Wears Prada, Motionless in White, and Of Mice & Men

If you want more info on Adestria and their new album, check out their facebook page right here.

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Written by Jordan Mafi