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          What better night to go see a few hardcore bands than the night before Mother’s Day. I know it was an awesome treat for a mom like me who loves metal. I was invited to come out and see Jesus Christ vs. the World’s last show, possibly ever and boy. So I made my way out to The Griffin, formerly known as O’Connell’s back when I used to play there with the Jefferson Jay Band. Not too much has changed with the venue since new ownership. A few more booths were added and the bar was done up a bit, and they removed the gross couch that people used to love to sit on, but to me it seemed to be how I remembered it. I brought my husband along and my best friend Reverend Stickman because supporting local music is what we do, plus none of us had been to a hardcore show in a very long time. When we walked in, it was semi full and I saw a lot of interesting fans that were all dressed up to show their support for the hardcore scene and Actuary was already on stage. Actuary is a group of six guys from the Los Angeles area that play what they call Experimental/Noise/Grindcore music.