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What makes hip hop personal? It seems that in 20 Nickelz' case, it's the lyrics and the way you spit them out. 20 Nickelz is the group of Tone Touch and Momentum. Tone Touch was born and raised in Walterboro, SC and Momentum was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Both artists represent Virginia Beach, VA and their hometowns. The music of 20 Nickelz is personal, cool, and very hip hop. 20 Nickelz' explosive new mixtape, Choppers & Triplebeams Vol. 1: Valentine's Day Massacre, dropped on February 28th, 2013. This new release consists of 24 brand new tracks that equally represent the talent of Tone Touch and Momentum.

Each song sounds like a new experience. "All Together (Featuring Earleybird)" is a mellow, personal song that is reminiscent of family and friends. A great song that changes the pace of the mixtape is "Back 2 Back," a track that really revs you up and makes you feel totally badass. "Back 2 Back" truly represents the face of rap music today. "The Big One (Featuring J-ONE)" has a melody that you could never get out of your mind along with an ear-capturing female singer oohing and ahhing in the background. The flow of Tone Touch and Momentum is undeniably fresh and definitely top-notch. J-ONE is featured on multiple tracks, proving that 20 Nickelz should consider adding a new member to the mix.

"Diamonds (Featuring Silentmind)" is one of my personal favorite songs off the mixtape. This song has a great guitar lead throughout the track and rapping that sounds like some of your favorite artists like Tupac and Kid Cudi. You would think that the song "Bad Bitch" would make you feel like a bad bitch, but the song is relatively mellow yet subtly intense due to the lyrics that are rapped in a really badass tone. "U Don't Want That" is placed in a very wise spot near the end, closing the curtain before the last track "Ask Ya Self" bids goodbye.

As mentioned earlier, the lyrics throughout the entire mixtape are well thought-out and very original. These guys represent their hometowns and the way they grew up when they were young until the age they are now. The best part about 20 Nickelz is the fact that you won't hear an imitation of another artist on their mixtapes; these guys are completely original. Check out the mixtape here: http://www.datpiff.com/20-Nickelz-Choppers-Triplebeams-Vol-1-Valentines-Day-Massa-mixtape.456020.html

Written by Jordan Mafi

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