Kids These Days...

          If I had to pick one favorite activity ever in exsistance it would have to be going to punk shows. I love everything about them, the music, the crowds, the moshing, the sweat, blood and spit... All of it. There is one thing, however, I see at many shows that I don't like. Something that frustrates me, that grates on my nerves so bad that vains in my forehead begin to pulsate. Kids who don't understand the pit.

          Now this is purely common sense, but if you don't want to partake in the moshing of the pit, do not stand in our around the pit area. PURELY. COMMON. SENSE. Some people don't quite understand this concept, probably because they are simply half-wits who try to open doors on the hinged side and don't look for cars before crossing the street. At a show that my band played once, a nice gentleman was having a good time moshing around tried to get another guy in the pit to join the fun. This guy didn't understand what was happening and in turn put the gentleman in a choke hold. I threw down my microphone to break up the situation. This guy was standing right on the edge of the pit and should have known that he was going to get knocked around, but in stead of responding like a normal human and just backing away, (or not standing near the pit in the first place) he created unnecessary ruckus in the middle of my set. Unsatisfactory.

          Another situation that some don't understand is in the process of the moshing. When a fellow mosher falls, you pick him/her up immediately to avoid any trampling or tripping. This, I thought, was another common sense-type piece of knowledge but, again, I have my doubts about the amount of common sense kids these days have. Some will get in a pit and trample like they're leading a heard of evil elephants. Don't f***in' do that. Don't do it. I don't want to see that. If I see you do it then I'll trample you. With cleats on. And I'll do it in front of your friends as to add embarassment. I hope I'm clear.

          The final thing, yet another piece of common sense: Moshing is for fun, not for pain. Knock people around and have a good time but don't throw fists or bows. If you go into a pit intending to cause someone significant physical pain then I would recommend taking some boxing lessons in place of show-going. At least for a little while until your angst subsides, you little angerball, you. 

           This concludes my segment. Having fun while moshing starts with common sense. Don't be near the pit if you don't want to be involved, always pick up the fallen, and don't cause injuries to others... At least not on purpose. As I said before: PURELY. COMMON. SENSE. Thanks again readers, tune in again for more babble!

- Tunage

Written by Laura Sullivan


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