"Last Year Was Awesome Because..."

Hear ye, hear ye!

This year, the team decided we wanted to do something special for the loyal readers of Tunage Magazine. So, we've got a competition called: "Last Year Was Awesome Because..."

Pretty self explanatory, but here's the rules:

You have to, in a comment below, write one amazing music related experience from 2012, it could be absolutely anything music related (a concert, meeting a band member, learning the guitar, a performance, the CD that changed your life, ANYTHING!) 

Add photos, links to Youtube, videos, anything that'll paint the picture of your experience. Tunage wants to hear your voice and we want to know your story!

Then, seeing that it's a new year and all, we want you then to add your goal for the year of 2013 as a music lover.

Add your email so we can contact you if you're the winner!

Simple, yeah?

Due date for all entries is: 28 January 2013
Winner will be announced at the publication of the February issue.

Winner gets a large print of any photo of their choice taken by Tunage, check out the photos in out photo gallery and our Facebook page, and yes, even the original photos from our Tunage banner. 

Good luck you rockstars, you!

- Deanna Trombley




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