We all know that rock and roll is the best, most amazing, perfectly awesome genre of music to ever be discovered. Naturally, it's the most popular music to play when you want people to buy something from you. I mean, when I hear some badass guitar riff come out of the speakers of the TV when a commercial comes on I think, "WHOA, DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT I FREAKIN' WANT IT," and with that thought, I'd have to agree whole-heartedly that their marketing tactic is definitely working. Although, there are songs that are played so often on television that some people just can't take it. Some songs are used so much that whatever product, movie or television show it's playing for is probably continually losing ratings and popularity due to the excessiveness of these songs. Read on and you and I will have a very one-sided discussion about this topic.

          Car companies love to use rock and roll. Literally! Cadillac used "Rock N' Roll", by Led Zeppelin in one, if not several of their ads. Honda used "Crazy Train", originally by none other than the prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, but the actors in the commercial played the song using horrific noises that came out of their mouths which frankly just slaughtered the song and momentarilly ruined my life. Nike used "Dream On", by Aerosmith. It's a very inspirational song, but I've heard this song used in many sports equipment and car company ads and the inspiration is slowly being sucked away from this wonderful song. Knock it off, marketing department. "I Want to Break Free", by Queen was used in a Coca-Cola C2 commercial. Sweet heaven. As a die-hard Queen fan, I was so excited when I heard this song come on the TV I came running from the other room and then, suddenly, disappointment rushed all over my body. Coca-Cola C2? Seriously? You played a favorite band from my childhood over a diet soda commercial? I'm offended.

         Now that we've gotten over the basics, let's get down to the nitty gritty. "I'm Shipping up to Boston", by Dropkick Murphys, has appeared in The Departed, Brave, The Pirates! Band of Misfits,and has been used in multiple episodes of at least seven different television shows and documentaries. I love this song, but hearing it everwhere, knowing that Boston punk rock is becoming a well-known genre just because one song is being spread so thinly around American pop-culture, makes me want to cry and kill a man all at once. The music in this song straight up fuckin' rocks, and the harmonized yelling gets me all roiled up but this, my friends, is not a song that can sum up Boston punk rock in a nut shell. This sole song, all on its lonesome, cannot carry the weight of the extreme badassness of the perfectly raw, Irish-inspired riffs that reverberate out of that northeastern metropolis. To the studios in Hollywood and to all the television production corporations; EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS FOR THE LOVE OF DIO! That is all.

         Ad companies and the marketing departments of corporations are obviously just lazy theives who steal good ideas until they're no longer good ideas. This must be stopped... Somehow...

PS: When I typed in "Dropkick Murphys Shipping up to boston" on Google Images, this photo came up.
Leonardo DiCaprio "The Departed"

Thanks for reading! Keep freakin' doin' it!
- Tunage

Written by Laura Sullivan


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