Kids These Days...

          If I had to pick one favorite activity ever in exsistance it would have to be going to punk shows. I love everything about them, the music, the crowds, the moshing, the sweat, blood and spit... All of it. There is one thing, however, I see at many shows that I don't like. Something that frustrates me, that grates on my nerves so bad that vains in my forehead begin to pulsate. Kids who don't understand the pit.

          Now this is purely common sense, but if you don't want to partake in the moshing of the pit, do not stand in our around the pit area. PURELY. COMMON. SENSE. Some people don't quite understand this concept, probably because they are simply half-wits who try to open doors on the hinged side and don't look for cars before crossing the street. At a show that my band played once, a nice gentleman was having a good time moshing around tried to get another guy in the pit to join the fun. This guy didn't understand what was happening and in turn put the gentleman in a choke hold. I threw down my microphone to break up the situation. This guy was standing right on the edge of the pit and should have known that he was going to get knocked around, but in stead of responding like a normal human and just backing away, (or not standing near the pit in the first place) he created unnecessary ruckus in the middle of my set. Unsatisfactory.

          Another situation that some don't understand is in the process of the moshing. When a fellow mosher falls, you pick him/her up immediately to avoid any trampling or tripping. This, I thought, was another common sense-type piece of knowledge but, again, I have my doubts about the amount of common sense kids these days have. Some will get in a pit and trample like they're leading a heard of evil elephants. Don't f***in' do that. Don't do it. I don't want to see that. If I see you do it then I'll trample you. With cleats on. And I'll do it in front of your friends as to add embarassment. I hope I'm clear.

          The final thing, yet another piece of common sense: Moshing is for fun, not for pain. Knock people around and have a good time but don't throw fists or bows. If you go into a pit intending to cause someone significant physical pain then I would recommend taking some boxing lessons in place of show-going. At least for a little while until your angst subsides, you little angerball, you. 

           This concludes my segment. Having fun while moshing starts with common sense. Don't be near the pit if you don't want to be involved, always pick up the fallen, and don't cause injuries to others... At least not on purpose. As I said before: PURELY. COMMON. SENSE. Thanks again readers, tune in again for more babble!

- Tunage

Written by Laura Sullivan


         We all know that rock and roll is the best, most amazing, perfectly awesome genre of music to ever be discovered. Naturally, it's the most popular music to play when you want people to buy something from you. I mean, when I hear some badass guitar riff come out of the speakers of the TV when a commercial comes on I think, "WHOA, DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT I FREAKIN' WANT IT," and with that thought, I'd have to agree whole-heartedly that their marketing tactic is definitely working. Although, there are songs that are played so often on television that some people just can't take it. Some songs are used so much that whatever product, movie or television show it's playing for is probably continually losing ratings and popularity due to the excessiveness of these songs. Read on and you and I will have a very one-sided discussion about this topic.

          Car companies love to use rock and roll. Literally! Cadillac used "Rock N' Roll", by Led Zeppelin in one, if not several of their ads. Honda used "Crazy Train", originally by none other than the prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, but the actors in the commercial played the song using horrific noises that came out of their mouths which frankly just slaughtered the song and momentarilly ruined my life. Nike used "Dream On", by Aerosmith. It's a very inspirational song, but I've heard this song used in many sports equipment and car company ads and the inspiration is slowly being sucked away from this wonderful song. Knock it off, marketing department. "I Want to Break Free", by Queen was used in a Coca-Cola C2 commercial. Sweet heaven. As a die-hard Queen fan, I was so excited when I heard this song come on the TV I came running from the other room and then, suddenly, disappointment rushed all over my body. Coca-Cola C2? Seriously? You played a favorite band from my childhood over a diet soda commercial? I'm offended.

         Now that we've gotten over the basics, let's get down to the nitty gritty. "I'm Shipping up to Boston", by Dropkick Murphys, has appeared in The Departed, Brave, The Pirates! Band of Misfits,and has been used in multiple episodes of at least seven different television shows and documentaries. I love this song, but hearing it everwhere, knowing that Boston punk rock is becoming a well-known genre just because one song is being spread so thinly around American pop-culture, makes me want to cry and kill a man all at once. The music in this song straight up fuckin' rocks, and the harmonized yelling gets me all roiled up but this, my friends, is not a song that can sum up Boston punk rock in a nut shell. This sole song, all on its lonesome, cannot carry the weight of the extreme badassness of the perfectly raw, Irish-inspired riffs that reverberate out of that northeastern metropolis. To the studios in Hollywood and to all the television production corporations; EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS FOR THE LOVE OF DIO! That is all.

         Ad companies and the marketing departments of corporations are obviously just lazy theives who steal good ideas until they're no longer good ideas. This must be stopped... Somehow...

PS: When I typed in "Dropkick Murphys Shipping up to boston" on Google Images, this photo came up.
Leonardo DiCaprio "The Departed"

Thanks for reading! Keep freakin' doin' it!
- Tunage

Written by Laura Sullivan

Warped Tour Survival Guide

         One of the greatest music festivals of all time is approaching this summer. Sun, fun, and music-- perfect, right? Not always! Some things can go wrong your first time at Warped Tour and even after you've been before. I've got tips and tricks up my sleeve for first-timers and also for Warped veterans who want to know some cool and helpful hints.

         First thing's first; get your ticket! If you haven't already, you can buy a ticket at the box office the day of the festival. It's highly doubtful that Warped will sell out, but it is possible. Try to get there early to avoid a long line and get your ticket before anything can go wrong. If you already bought your tickets in advance, do not forget to bring it. You will either have to go all the way home to get it or you'll have to buy a new one. You won't be let in without a ticket!

         There are ways to jump the line. If you give blood or donate some canned food, you are entitled to a Jump the Line Pass and possibly a VIP wristband. Although VIP sounds like a dream, there are normally a lot of restrictions. If you are given any sort of VIP wristband or pass, don’t expect to hang out backstage and meet all the bands and get treated like a rock star. Just chill out and be thankful that you get some more perks than the other concert-goers!

         Now that you’re in the venue, take a look at the big inflatable by the main stage. This is where you will find set times for all the bands playing on every stage. It’s very useful to write your favorite band’s set time somewhere or make a note of it in your cell phone. Sadly, times are subject to change and it could throw off your whole schedule, so keep checking the inflatable to stay up-to-date.

          Once you’re watching a band play their set, there’s always one question that you must ask yourself—“Where should I be standing?” Well, this depends on what kind of person you are. If you enjoy chilling out and watching bands play their music, stick to the back of the crowd and enjoy the performance. If you enjoy getting wrecked and jumping around to the music, you better get yourself in the midst of that wild crowd! Make sure you can handle the heat during sets or else you can get overwhelmed or over-heated.

          Speaking of heat, you must remind yourself to DRINK WATER. Drink lots and lots of water. I know it sounds lame when I say it, but your body will be very grateful. Water bottles are less expensive at every venue this year and each tour stop provides a Kleen Kanteen booth where you can fill up your water bottles or travel cups for free. I was the only person out of all my friends to bring my own travel cup to the festival and many people were begging me for a sip of water! Drinking plenty of water will save you from dehydration and over-heating, so do it!