This playlist consists of my most precious songs that help pick me up from the ground on my worst of days. If you need some inspiring, take a listen to these. It's always nice to have a friendly reminder: You're lovely, extraordinary, and strong. Here are some bands that wanna tell you that. - Deanna T.
Here are the links for As Tall As Lions, Fun., Good Old War, Gotye, Halos, In Reverent Fear, Iron & Wine, and K Sera if you like what you hear!
This playlist is a handpicked selection of songs that'll either (or both) make you feel unstoppable or make you want to peel the skin off of the world to see it at its complete beauty. As a few of my personal favorites, if there's ever a morning where I woke up and wanted to feel like a proper  vigilante, these are the songs I'd choose.  -Deanna T.
If you want to find out more about K Sera, The Dear Hunter, MuteMath, From Indian Lakes, Anthony Green, The Matches, fun., or Thrice,  just click away and our cyberpunk monkeys will take you to their facebook pages.