Sometimes all you need is to wind down, sit back, relax, make a glass of lemonade, and listen to some great acoustic tunes. Here is a handful of my favorites, found in the dark depths of my iPod playlists. Yes, I also had it spelled that way in my iPod as well. I thought I was being clever at the time. - Deanna T.
Since I wrote a tribute to classic rock in our Rants, I figured it was appropriate to put together a playlist of some classic rock songs that were staples in my musical youth. - Laura S.
What can I say? I love Fat Wreck Chords bands. So, what better way to say Thank you for producing some of my favorite punk bands than make a playlist. These are just a few of the amazing artists that they have made available for our listening pleasure. If you like what you hear, please feel free to click on over to their site you can get all the info and all these bands from one spot. I hope you hear something you like. Enjoy! - Lili M.
You know those nights where you just want to be emotional yet not depress the hell out of yourself? Those nights are alternative nights. Your ears want to listen to the upbeat wailing of The Used without getting sucked into that one 30 Seconds to Mars song-- one depressing song is just enough. Enjoy your emo night with Taking Back Sunday, The Used, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and more. - Jordan M.