If you're like me or anyone from the Tuange Team who goes to school, you are ecstatic about the semester or quarter being done and over with. Summer break is now upon us and that means it's time to fill the day where school used to happen with other things like, work or the beach and maybe even sleeping in a little bit. For me, it will be working more hours and spending time with my family. Here are a few songs to get your summer break started. Enjoy!!! ~ LiLi M.
If I had a Tardis, I'd time travel to my heart's content. This playlist is a collection of songs that take me to another place and/or time, or even just remind me of another place and time. We've all been asked that question: If you could time travel to any time, when would it be? I personally would have loved to go to a party with the Fitzgeralds' in the 1920's or go fishing with Johnny Cash (hey, it sounds fun). Anyways, I warn you that this playlist is more random than most. Just let the music take you away. Leave what you'd like to do if you could time travel in a comment below!  - Deanna T. 




Although the usual rock and pop music is played all over radio stations across the globe, electronic dance music has made its way to the top. With artists like Skrillex and David Guetta conquering radio stations and music festivals, many EDM genres are given the appreciation they deserve. This playlist features an interesting EDM genre that has been taking over the world for the past few years—dubstep. These are ten mind-blowing dubstep tracks including music by Seven Lions, Skrillex, and Knife Party. Drop the bass!    - Jordan M.