The name of this playlist says it all! Each song has amazing guitar work and makes you want to head bang all night! I put a Dio song in there because not only is he one of my most favorite Metal singers, but because his vocals are just as face melting as a kick ass guitar solo. Though Dio no longer walks among the living, his voice will live on forever! So get out there, throw up those Devil horns and ROCK OUT!!! - LiLi M.
This playlist consists of my most precious songs that help pick me up from the ground on my worst of days. If you need some inspiring, take a listen to these. It's always nice to have a friendly reminder: You're lovely, extraordinary, and strong. Here are some bands that wanna tell you that. - Deanna T.
Here are the links for As Tall As Lions, Fun., Good Old War, Gotye, Halos, In Reverent Fear, Iron & Wine, and K Sera if you like what you hear!
Over the years, the Vans Warped Tour has featured some of your favorite metal, pop, alternative, and even rap groups. From unknown punk bands to world-famous mainstream groups, Warped can interest anyone and everyone. This year's lineup consists of some old favorites like The Used and Taking Back Sunday and rising stars such as Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. 2012 is the year for fans of all types at Warped Tour!  - Jordan M.