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Hydro Da Hero
This year's Vans Warped Tour in San Diego, CA consisted of music, the sun, and free stuff! This year's lineup was impressive to many old-school Warped fans due to its addition of bands such as New Found Glory, The Used, Yellowcard, and Taking Back Sunday on the main stages. Although the sun was beating down on all of us, everyone managed to make a memorable day and have a kickass time. My name is Jordan Mafi and I'll be your Warped Reporter for this post!

          It's obvious that there are dozens of unknown acts when you walk into Warped Tour. Stages such as the Ernie Ball stage and the Kevin Says stage often showcase unsigned or local acts to give them their recognition. As I was walking around the venue checking out the vendors and eating my snack, I heard a very familiar tune. I could have sworn it was Rage Against the Machine, so I went to find out where that awesome music came from. Once I walked up to the stage, I smiled. There was a band playing with distorted guitars with this dude rapping just like Zack de la Rocha. The band's name is Hyro Da Hero and their music is insane.

         When you hear Hyro Da Hero, you think of a ghetto version of Rage Against the Machine. The vocalist's raps and outrageous, tantrum-sounding shrieks are so distinctive. This guy will make you lose control.  Everyone around the stage was stoked that they stumbled upon this glorious set. Right after their time was out, we all rushed to their tent to take some pictures and get signatures. I'm not sure if I can stress this enough-- this band absolutely blew me away! Kudos to them.
          Discovering Hyro Da Hero was one of the many highlights of my day. Some sets that I got to catch throughout the afternoon were those of Breathe Carolina, Of Mice & Men, and Yellowcard. Some of the vendors were pretty awesome as well, especially MOGL. This company totally hooks you up. I was skeptical when two women approached me to obviously get me to sign up for something. After sticking around, though, I realized that this opportunity was great. The awesome thing about MOGL is the fact that they give you 10% cash-back each time you eat at a participating restaurant and use your debit or credit card that you signed up with. They also hook you up with discounts on tickets from LiveNation! Let's just say that these two ladies were a blessing in disguise.

          Learning about new companies and getting free stuff is truly half of the fun at Warped Tour. One of the coolest tents I visited was the tent of the guys behind Ouderspace. Ouderspace is an independently owned company that focuses on space information and education. Sounds boring, right? Well, it's not. This company has an awesome clothing line and they design the sickest skate decks that I've ever seen. Tim and Cody are the two dudes who were representing Ouderspace that day and they did a damn well job at it. I know that if I ever get into skating, I'll be buying decks from them.
Throughout the evening, I saw Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Taking Back Sunday, and The Used. In my personal opinion, the best set of the day had to be Taking Back Sunday's set on one of the main stages. Meeting with these vendors and getting the opportunity to discover new companies was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend checking out Ouderspace, MOGL, and Hyro Da Hero! How was your Warped experience? Let Tunage know in the comments!

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Written by Jordan Mafi


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