Help your Heroes!

      Via Coma is back and fixing to have a physical release of an upcoming album, Figures; but to do so, they need help from their lovely fans: you.
       Via Coma is an alternative rock band for San Francisco that’s been releasing music since 2009, with an EP titled Bridges followed by a handful of singles. What I find brilliant about this band is how they’ve been able to make their singles standby themselves beautifully. My personal favorite would have to be “Stitches”. If you haven’t heard of these guys, their sound is almost like a Death Cab for Cutie meets Explosions in the Sky sandwich. That’s mighty delicious.    
          Okay, back to the project, Figures. Via Coma has set up a Kickstarter to receive pledges to help produce the project. The pledges start at $1, and the goodies start at $3. These guys want to pay you back with love and with gifts that they took time in setting up. Check it out! Pledging $10 gets you a digital download of the upcoming album, Figures. Going up from there, they’ve set up the gifts in packages (Digital Package, Physical Package, Poster Package, Complete Package, etc.). There’s even the Show Package for the extra generous. With that, Via Coma with travel to your house/venue in California to play their new album, front to back, including five copies of the album in the Complete Package. They love you, guys. 

Here’s an example of their beautiful poster that they’re giving to backers:
          As music listeners, we tend to forget how much power we hold in our hands in the world of music. “In this day and age, there is a unique, never before seen opportunity for fans, friends, people on this planet, and you, yes, you to directly affect and determine the successes and outcomes of the artists you believe in”. The guys in Via Coma are absolutely right, and that’s what makes music such a powerful thing. There’s this precious relationship we develop with out favorite bands, with mutual faith in each other. They write the songs because they believe in the words they write, and they believe in the people they write it for. For us, the listeners, we get that. That emotion clicks with us. Their music holds our hands through all of the important moments in our lives. That’s why we support them; we’re the ones that put them on stage and in the studio. How epic is that?

            So if you’re interested in this upcoming project, here’s the link to the Kickstarter page for the project, and here’s the link to their facebook page. We also added some Via Coma tunes on our media page, enjoy!

And if anything, keep strumming those blasted heartstrings of yours!

- Tunage

Written by Deanna Trombley

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