New Single, "Motel" is Released

Song List: 
1. Moonlight Blues
2. Motel
3. A Little Mercy
4. Hounds
5. Carnival Rock
6. Hesperian Fruit
7. Kicking Up The Dirt
8. The Flower Cart
9. Real Love

          STOMACHER released the new single titled "Motel" from the anticipated full length album, Clara that's due to be released on June 20th. Here's the link to is right here. If you need a fresh sound, STOMACHER is a band that delivers a dreamy, ambient alternative rock sound fresh from San Francisco.
          These guys have released an EP titled Pick Up the Phone, followed by a self titled album. Their latest work has included the album Sentimental Education, with a remix album of several different and creative remixes of the song "Sentimental Education".
         If this band tickles your fancy, here's their facebook page where you can stay in tune with their work. Here's the link to their webpage where you can get a free download of their latest single, "Carnival Rock" and buy all their other albums and EP. Now, go forth and experience the miracle of music.

- Tunage

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