For the past couple of weeks, K Será has been working with The Dear Hunter's Casey Crescenzo in the production of their first full length album. It's expected to be released later this year.

Asleep At the Wheel - The Cantos II

          So stay tuned, because these guys have big things planned for this year, which includes a tour for their album release. K Será is a progressive indie rock band that has released 3 EPs the latest being The Cantos II. They've also have come up with two music videos, "Me Before Women and Children", and "We Were Thinking of Evolving" which you can watch at the video vault in out media page. There's a saying that I've heard among the fan base, "It's either you've never heard of them, or you love them". That's because they bring a unique energetic sound to the table, and they put everything they have into their performances. The first time I ever heard if them is when I first saw them live, I had no money to buy their EP, but found a $5 bill on the ground on my way out after the show. Tell me that's not divine intervention. I bought that Machinist EP like there was no tomorrow. "Little War" was a single they released, but then re-released as a new version in The Cantos II and has become a bit of an anthem among the fans. I suggest you check these guys out, because these vigilantes are bringing a storm, and you want to be a part of it once it happens. Cruise on over to their facebook page to stay tuned.


03/31/2012 10:27am

Dude, can't wait for this album. We need more "Little War"s and "This City is Your"s in this world

Deanna The Fierce
03/31/2012 11:47pm

I couldn't agree with you more :)


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