Imagine being only eighteen years old in a DIY band, playing in another band with other dudes, AND owning an ever-growing clothing line. This is the life of Alexander Ho, the man behind Skinwalker, and  an avid fan of Arizona Iced Tea and partying with the undead. The music for Skinwalker is created by Alex himself, playing guitar, drums, and even singing as well. He's also the owner of GhostWar clothing which has acquired almost 4,000 likes on Facebook. I bet you're thinking what I'm thinking... how the hell does he do all of this?

Tunage: So you're a San Diego native but you've been living in Orange County for a little while now. How does it compare to SD?

Alex: It's definitely a bit different. There's a different vibe at shows and parties. Drinking is very popular up here.

T: Are people more into the music or just the party scene?

Alex: Both. Up here they're both pretty important. I've been to parties in the desert where people have mobbed 3 to 4 hour drives just to hear an hour or two of drum & bass. Also other kids who went just to party in a far out place with a great view. I've also noticed a lot of kids who go to shows on top of underground parties. It's pretty chill. 

T: Sounds like a good time! So about your music; you record every single instrument that is played on your songs which is crazy! What inspired you to do that all by yourself?

Alex: Yessir. I've always been into music, starting off with violin when I was four. Started recording when I was about fourteen. Just went from there I guess! Me and my old friend Elmo used to record a lot back then. 

T: That's wildly impressive, kudos to you! Is it challenging to create a full-length song on your own?

Alex: Thanks! After you get a grip of things, anyone can put a song together. I've been recording for 4+ years now. The real challenge is piecing together parts that flow easily and catches the ear.

T: Well, it's true what they say-- practice makes perfect. What do you expect to do if you want to play a live show? It's impossible to play all of that live!

Alex: If I ever get to play a live show, I'd want to sing. Playing guitar for Forever Ends Now and At The Surface in my old days was cool but I want the freedom of running around without having to worry about fucking up chords. 

T: That's understandable. But what happens if you sing a note out of tune?

Alex: I'll probably beat myself up over it later, haha. My current band makes me practice bouncing around and singing at every practice. Hopefully that helps. 

T: You're in another band as well? Do tell!

Alex: We're called A Murder Takes A Bow. I just joined a couple months ago, we've got two songs recorded and a full set down. We're just practicing right now and trying to get our game on so we can play our first show and have our set be over 9000.

T: Congrats on that! We'll be looking forward to some updates on the band. And I'm chuckling over the Dragon Ball Z reference. So, aside from the two bands, you own a clothing company called GhostWar. Care to tell us all how that came to be?

Alex: For sure! I started GhostWar around the beginning of last year. I was in my class and decided I wanted to make a sweatshirt that said "I'M FUCKING HEARTLESS" on it. I posted my rough draft on my Tumblr. An hour later kids were blowing up my ask box asking where they could buy it. So I made a shirt in my class that said "Stay Heartless." Again, more kids blew up my Tumblr asking where they could buy it. I then posted a couple things and wanted to see how many people would go for it. Two posts went to 400+ likes and reblogs so I figured I could put some money in and print these ideas professionally. At the time, I called it Heartless Clothing. 

T: So where did GhostWar come from?

Alex: Well, I made all this money back from selling those shirts and sweatshirts and I thought, "What if there's more to this than just making a quick buck?" So I thought... let's make this a memorable brand. There's a bunch of huge brands out there. Drop Dead, Hotlife, Stheart, etc. Everyone liked GhostWar the most, and I remember the reason I wanted to make the "I'M FUCKING HEARTLESS" hoodies was because I was breaking up with my ex. So, GhostWar represents the struggle, the battles one sometimes has with one's self over the past.

T: Seems like you wanted something more positive than just being heartless.

Alex: Guess you could say that. More of an open-your-eyes approach. 

T: Very cool. GhostWar seems to be doing very well and the designs are killer. Good luck with it! Since you are clearly a very creative and musical  guy, what are some things or people that influence or inspire you?

Alex: Thanks! As Tall As Lions, Pizza Hut, Aaron Crawford, Vinnie Paz, graffiti, and kids that don't like me. 

T: Haha, sounds like we can all learn a thing or two from you. Keep your enemies close! If you could say one thing to those kids who don't like you, what would it be?

Alex: Hmmm...

T: It's probably hard to think of just one thing, isn't it? Haha.

Alex: What makes you better than me? (Song lyric by Like Moths to Flames)

Make sure to check out Alex's youtube page and his clothing line, GhostWar! Also, don't forget to check out our exclusive poster design

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi

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