Tunage: Where did the name Quorra come from?

Well, when we first started this band, we wanted a not-so-typical name, so we wanted something unique and with meaning as well. We came across the name Quorra from the movie Tron: Legacy, and then while still looking for a name, we were drawn to Quorra and its meaning, which is simply "heart."

Tunage: How did you all decide that you wanted to play this kind of music and how would you describe your music?

 We decided to play this genre of music because we were drawn to the aggressiveness and the genuine emotion found within the vast hardcore scene. Numerous bands that we draw influence from are very passionate in their music and you can feel that energy and emotion in their live shows as well as their recordings and that's what inspires us. We don't want to put on a boring show, nor do we want to put out music that doesn't have our entire heart put into it. To describe our music, although we try to contain the same characteristics that define our genre, we also put our entire heart into every single aspect of our writing processes, thus including our artistic and individual appeal to make our music that much more meaningful. 

Tunage: Do you all believe that you have something special to bring to your genre of music?

Being in the same genre where there is a flood of bands who choose to write what appeals to the crowd rather than what they want to play themselves, the genre eventually becomes desaturated from individuality and unique appeal. We all bring our own influences and ideals to the table, thus bringing a wide range of ideas and creativity to our band. Although we are playing in a genre where heart and emotion are overshadowed by constant breakdowns and and meaningless lyrics, we are simply making music where we find passion and solidarity. 

Tunage: Who or what are your influences?

This question is pretty difficult to answer; although we have similar influences such as OCEANA, Like Moths to Flames, and other bands, we also listen to other genres of music ranging from indie to shoegaze, etc.

Tunage: Who writes the lyrics in the band and what message does this person like to spread with vocals?

I (William) personally write all the lyrics myself. A lot of the lyrics I write contain a dark, desolate feeling to them, yet with an undertone of hope. I like creating a sense of atmosphere which listeners can feel. A lot of the lyrics are about struggle, but I don't write the lyrics about myself personally, a lot of my lyrics have multiple meanings, thus it's up to the listener to interpret the lyrics themselves. The overall message of the lyrics is that everyone knows that feeling of struggle, of hopelessness, of nothing, yet there is nothing stronger than overcoming whatever life throws at you. 

Tunage: How does it feel to be a part of the hardcore scene in San Diego?

It's hard to say since we've just started really pushing this band. From what we've seen so far, we love it and would love to continue playing here in San Diego since its scene is so rich and diverse. 

Tunage: How do you all prepare for shows?

We each have our own preshow rituals, ranging from yoga to yelling at other members to load up the gear in time. Other than that, we practice constantly and vigorously a few weeks before the show so that we have our set on lock.

Tunage: If you all were trying to attract new listeners, what would you have to say about yourselves?

When people like a certain sound of music, they usually try to find other bands in that same genre. Our music is very heavy and has an ambient appeal to it as well, therefore I personally ask people if they like old Oceana. If they do, then they'll probably like our band. We each try to find a similar sound that people will like and get them intrigued into listening to our band. Our musical taste and writing processes contain a lot of diverse sounds which should be pretty easy for people to get into. 

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- Tunage 

Written by Jordan Mafi

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