Pain: Psychobilly!

Have you ever come across one of those nights when you just can't decide what show to go to? You've got a punk, psychobilly, and metal show on your plate and they all start at the same time. As much as you wish you could be in three places at once you've yet to realize that dream, so you know what you gotta do? Go see Pain! They've got all you need, all in one! I've seen these guys dozens of times and if there's one thing I can say, it's that they have the perfect mixture of all the best kinds of rock and roll, and they always put on an impressive show. The line up for this badass five-piece is drummer, Nekro Pain, lead guitarist, Johnny Pain, Rever End Pain on rythym, Baron Von Pain on bass, and of course Timmy Pain on the mic. I finally got the chance to interview these guys after our bands played an all ages show in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Tunage: How did Pain get its start?

Timmy: Ah, well, Pain got started because So Damn Thirsty (Timmy's former band) broke up and I was putting a rumor out that we were going to do like a metal-ish style band and Nekro Pain, Baron Von Pain, and Johnny Pain were all doing a metal-ish band-


T: That's right, Nekropalypse. They came to me and said, "Hey we heard you want to do a metal band, you can call it Pain of you want." And we started jamming and then we said if we're going to do this then we'll need a rythym guitarist and another guy from their old band-

Johnny, Nekro, Timmy: DEAD ON IMPACT!

T: That played out for a while and then we started to morph into kind of a punk, metal-ish, horror-metal-punk band kind of thing and Maxxx Pain, that was the other guitarist, he left-

N: That has three Xs.

T: So we were a four-piece for a while, for about a year and then we came across Rever End Pain, a friend of mine from the military and that brought us all together and now we're this metal/horrorpunk band Pain. That's pretty much the whole story.

Tunage: Who are your influences in your music?

J: Uhh... Pantera, mostly, Dimebag Darrell kinda got me started playing guitar... Yup, Pantera.

Baron: Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler, specifically, and Metallica and Cliff Burton. 

N: Recently it's Alkaline Trio and Dillenger Escape Plan.

T: Uh, let's see, Alkaline Trio, Face to Face, Billy Idol, Danzig, Elvis.

Rev: I grew up with Social Distortion, Bad Religion, and then I got into Bad Brains, Minor Threat, ya know, GBH, that kind of stuff.

Tunage: Your music fits into multiple genres like punk, psychobilly, and metal. What kind of crowd responds the best when you play?

R: Punk crowds.

T: Punk crowds, rockabilly and punk crowds.

B: Young kids.

T: Young kids, yeah, the young-

J: Young, unjudgemental, fucking kids who just want to enjoy music and not the older kids who only like one fucking style of music who hate everybody who's successful in a fucking band.

R: I think it goes good with everybody, honestly I've seen oldheads thrashing to it and-

J: You just have to be not judgemental, if you're gonna come in their and judge us because you think we sound like Danzig then you're not gonna like it. We sound like Pain.

T: There's a lot of clicks in this world and we just like to have fun and we make fun music for people.

[Insert conversation about whether they are trying to impress people or not]

J: We're trying to impress cool people.

T: We're trying to impress anybody who likes us. I don't care about cool. Fuck cool!

Tunage: Do you see a big difference in the varying areas you play?

T: Here's the crowds everywhere we play: A lot of people up front singing, having a good time, and a few people in the back looking grumpy because they don't want to have a good time or they're stuck up or they're into something else. That's everywhere you go.

Tunage: What band or musician would you love to play with? Dead or alive.

N: Johnny's mom.

J: Fuck you.

T: Billy Idol.

J: Jimi Hendrix or Dimebag Darrell.

R: In specific, the 1999 line up of Social Distortion.

N: Matt Skiba.

B: I would love to play with Soundgarden.

Tunage: What is your favorite song by Pain?

B: "Quoth the Raven". That song is so heavy on the bass that I feel like I kind of own that song.

J: "Feel the Pain" is my favorite song.

R: "Burry Me Cold".

T: "Don't Walk on My Grave".

N: "Burn Burn Babydoll"!

Tunage: Here's a couple filler questions to help the readers get to know you better: Would you rather take a plane or a train across the country?

N: Train!

B: Train.

R: I'd rather hop on a random train and let it take me wherever the hell it wants to go.

T: I would personally like to pilot a helicopter across country.

J: (In a Forest Gump voice) I like running.

Nekro, Baron, Timmy, Rev, and me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tunage: Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

T: We're playing with the Misfits October 20th at Empire. We're also playing with DRI, Nile, and Overkill in Richmond and you can get our CD, Come Get Some on iTunes.

N: I'd like the readers to know I have a Dead Television pin on my hat. Also, for all the drummers out there, use Silverfox drumsticks. I use them and they're the best.

R: My favorite local band is Dead Television. Dead serious.

B: I love Warm Needles.

J: I love Television de Muerto!

So there you have it guys, straight from the mouths of awesomeness. If you like rock and roll and having a good time, you gotta come see these guys, and you HAVE to buy their CD, Come Get Some. I guarantee it won't leave your stereo for a very long time. 

Thanks for tuning in, guys, keep reading, because knowledge is power!

- Tunage

Written By: Laura Sullivan

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