Oh, Guardian

Metal and fun can go hand-in-hand when done right. Bands like these are hard to find, but Tunage got lucky to discover a local metalcore band named Oh, Guardian. The band has been around for a little over a year now and has made appearances at big shows in the SD area as well as in Arizona and Nevada.

Oh, Guardian is made up of six guys: Jimmy DeBerg doing vocals, Jordan Garza on bass and vocals, Zack Harrison playing keys, Garrett Halvax on drums, and Justin and Angel on guitars. The guys in this band are former members of bands such as For the Legends and To Build an Empire, former local bands that played shows around the SD area.

Tunage got to catch up with Jimmy and Jordan of OG to discuss the band, the shows, and of course, the music.

Tunage: What do you guys do in the band?
Jimmy: I'm Jimmy and I scream.
Jordan: My name's Jordan and I sing and play bass.

T: So how did the band start?
Jimmy: We were both in bands before this. I was in a band called For the Legends and they were in a band called To Build an Empire. Our bands kind of fell apart at the same time. Our manager, Adam, kind of got us all together and said, "You guys should start a band." We were thinking that would be great idea... and we did!
Jordan: Love at first sight.

T: Were you guys all friends before this?
Jimmy: Kind of. We had played shows together before and hung out before and after.

T: What do you describe your music as?
Jordan: I describe our music as... um... sexy-core. (We laugh.)
Jimmy: Pop-metal-core, I guess.
Jordan: It's just like post-hardcore but it's fun. There are catchy choruses, metal breakdowns…

T: Party metal.
Both: Yes.
Jimmy: We're not Attila, though. (They laugh.)

T: How long have you guys been together?
Jimmy: Just a little bit over a year. The end of March was our anniversary.

T: Have you guys only played at Soma or a lot of other places too?
Jimmy: We've played Arizona, other parts a little bit up the coast of California, we've played Vegas.

T: Vegas, really? How was that?
Jimmy: It was an interesting night. The venue that we were supposed to play at got closed a week before we went so we got put into some random ass venue, but it was still a fun night. We got hotel rooms and... the rest we're not allowed to talk about.

T: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?
Both: Yes! Right!
Jordan: Jordan knows what's up!

T: Hahaha. How would you guys describe the hardcore scene in San Diego?
Jordan: The scene in San Diego is great. It's basically every time you go to Soma it's just like a big family. It's a second home for us, definitely. Everyone knows each other, there's a lot of love.
Jimmy: They have the best mosh pits too.
Jordan: Yes, beautiful people and great mosh pits. Stage dives and high fives.
Jimmy: You stole that from me, that's my line. (Both laugh.)
Jordan: I love it!
Jimmy: You can have it! (We all laugh.)

T: If you guys wanted to say something to any potential metal fans that don't know your band, how would you want them to think of you guys or convince them to see you?
Jimmy: We don't really have a main thing that our band's all about but just like, positive, live for what you believe in, stand up for what you believe in and hold it close to you, that type of metalcore. There's no negativity, you know, I don't have any cussing in the lyrics, that's my choice.

T: Yeah, like you guys said, it's like a family.
Jimmy: No need to put fucking shit and ass and bitch in there. (We all laugh.) I do cuss! But I don't scream it because that's representing... you know.

T: Yeah. So, how does it feel to be a part of the San Diego hardcore scene?
Jordan: I feel blessed, honestly. To be in San Diego, have the crowds that we have, the venues that we have, the people... It's honestly such an honor to be able to be in San Diego and be able to play a show here every month pretty much anytime we want.
Jimmy: And it's not just fans and stuff that are out there, it's friends, people that we care about. It's when we see their faces jumping around in the pit or up in the front row singing along. It's that much more inspiring and energizes you. If you're super tired and then you see one of your friends jump up in the front and sing along it's completely a second wind.

Check out Oh, Guardian on their Facebook page and give them a like! You should also watch their videos and subscribe to OG on their Youtube channel!

- Tunage

Written by Jordan Mafi

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