Jesus Christ vs. the World
(WARNING: May be explicit and offensive)

Get ready to be offended… or not.  

          Jesus Christ vs. the World, yes you read that right, is a three piece San Diego based grindcore band that’s ready to be in your face and have you hate them… Or love them.  You can see them play all over San Diego offending those who want to be offended.
T: How long has JCVTW been together?
Moses: Sexually or as a band?
Jesus: Too Long.
Christ: I assume band, so I shall answer that. Since 2007, I’m not exactly sure when. It was a much less lucid and a more hazy time.
T: How did you all meet and decide to become a band?
M: I met Jeff (Jesus) when I was young though the punk scene and we didn’t really keep in touch until about 2007. Chris (Christ) on the other hand (laughs), I met him through a friend of mine. I was playing a funky bass line with my friend Corey on drums, Chris says “Hey that sounds sick!” so physically threw Corey off the drum set and started playing. We’ve been friends ever since.  Jesus and Christ started the band (if you want to call it that) in 2007 and recorded three songs as a joke. I joined in about three or four months later.
J: I have known Chris since high school and we both like grind and hate music so we made a band. Later we asked Mike to join because he likes talking to people and hates bull shit too.
C: I met Mike (Moses) through Corey and I knew Jeff from school and was his roommate for a year. Jeff and I jammed all of the time and I initially joked that we were Jeff and Chris Vs. The World while jamming inebriated.

T: Who are your major influences?

JCVTW: Anal Cunt, Bad Acid Trip, Mr. Bungle
M: Besides that Anal Blast, Cripple Bastards, Dead Kennedys and a Lot of Primus, and Buckethead.
J: Mainly Keith Emerson, Mahler, and P.D.Q. Bach.
C: Death, Mudhoney, Primus, Strapping Young Lad, too many to really to due this justice.

T: Your music is pretty heavy. What would you label it?

JCVTW: Grindcore
M: Unsafe for Children
J: Hatecore, Poopcore, Shit?
C: Rape-core, just kidding. Grindcore meets deathgrind. Sultry grind to piss of your enemies. Or Anal Cunt styled death/grind or something like that. Labels are for pretentious assholes and hipsters.

T: What is the name of your current album and any past albums? Do you have a new album coming out? When? Where can we find them, for how much?

JCVTW: Fuck You, It’s Art!
M: It’s our current demo which ranges from about 12 to 60 songs depending on which version you get.  We are currently recording for a split with an Italian Grind band called NEID and a local Brutal Death Metal band, Paroxysmal Burchering. It should be out in the summer, we are still looking for distribution in the states (Italy is covered). You can find them at shows mostly, or download a lot of our stuff online. Piracy is encouraged. Tell your friends. Uhhhhh… 50 cents? A quarter… we’re open to offers.

T: What band or bands would you love to play a show with?

M: Right now, Brutal Truth, and Wormrot. We’ve gotten really lucky in the past couple years and got to play with many of our idols.
J: Cripple Bastards or Brutal Truth.
C: Well playing with Anal Cunt, was a huge honor and surreal for me. I am also really stoked to be playing this show coming up with Bad Acid Trip. I’d love to play a show with any Mike Patton project, Mr. Bungle or Fantomas preferably.

T: Some people might find your band name offensive. What is the meaning behind it? I also noticed that the majority of your lyrics are very tongue and cheek. What is something you would like people to know about your music and lyrics? T: Are any of you religious?

J: I’m not religious
M: Well, before I joined the band it was called, Jeff and Chris vs The World so naturally I came along and it we added Featuring: The All Amazing Mike. Soon after, I came to band practice and I thought it would be funny if we changed it to Jesus Christ vs The World featuring: The All Amazing Moses. We dropped the last part and it stuck ever since. I religiously masturbate. Does that count?
C: We are not a satanic band; we are a comedic death/grind outfit. Except Jesus, ironically he is rife with malevolency and no, I’m not religious, but I was raised Baptist (Christian).
M: People suck. Fuck everyone.

T: Do you have any tours planned?
M: Once the album comes out we plan to tour, Chernobyl here we come!
C: Nothing set in (commandment) stone. We are currently trying to procure a tour van to do some tours.
T: Right now you are a 3 piece; guitar, singer, and drummer. Do you have any intensions of adding a bassist?
M: Eh, maybe.
J: No.
C: Probably not. It’s hard just to get three “band members” in the same room.

T: I really enjoyed “Charlie sheen Bangs 7g Rocks, what are 3 of your favorite songs that the band has?
J: I hate all our songs except the really short ones because I don’t have to do much. “Theme Song” is the worst.
M: I like “Epic Death Metal Song”  a lot, it’s our only “long” song (8min). I really like “Suck It” and “Eat My Dick” too.
C: Mine are “Suck It”, “Nathan Gayle Is Cool and Mark David Chapman Isn’t A Bad Guy Either”, and “Blur Song 2.”

T: If someone at your show wanted to buy you a drink, what would it be?
M: If you want to be me a drink, I don’t care what it is.
J: Beer.
C: It depends if they want me to drink one with them, or get my own. IPAs, mixed drinks, but usually not shots. Although, I will gladly take a shot if someone wants me too.

T: Who writes all the lyrics to the songs or is it a collaborative effort?
M: It’s a group effort about half the time. The other half is Chris.
J: Jesus Christ vs the World and other people we steal shit from.
C: I predominantly write most of the lyrics. There are exceptions, though. Moses wrote “Epic Death Metal Song” and “Rita Repulsa and “The Putty People”. Jesus wrote “Nathan Gayle is Cool and Mark David Chapman Isn’t A Bad Guy Either.”

T: Who are your favorite local bands to play with?
M: I really like Paroxysmal Butchering and Squirrely Arts. Also, there’s a band from Mexico called SHIT that rules
J: Squirrelly and Bad Karma are the Homies, most San Diego bands suck unfortunately, but Swarmius is so awesome so they balance everyone else.
C: Backstabber, Tittyfucker, Squirrely Arts, Playtpus Egg, and Pyrric. Just to name a few.

T: What was the best show you ever played, as a band and as a musician?
JCVTW: Anal Cunt
C: For me, I think the free show at the Kadan (I got us banned from that shit-hole). As a band, I’m not really sure. As a musician, I don’t know. I don’t consider my singing music, really. More like a aggressive assault and therapy at the same time.

T: Are you all originally from San Diego? How long have you lived here?
M: East County. Born and Raised.
J: I have lived here forever.
C: I’m from San Diego, I grew up in Lakeside. Been in San Diego all of my 26 years.

T: What are your day job(s) besides fighting the world?
M: Why are you a cop?
J:  I don’t work much because of school, but after I’m done with that, I am going to be a sperm donor.
C: I work at a hospital as a transporter.

T: On behalf of Tunage Magazine, I want to thank you for your undivided attention and could you please enlighten our readers with something personal about yourself:
M: Ever get that feeling that you’re being watched? It’s usually me.
J: I like having sex with chicks.
C: I’m the youngest of four boys and was raised Baptist. That’s why I am so religious today!

           You can fly on over to The Griffin at 1310 Morena Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92110 and catch Jesus Christ vs. the World on May 12, 2012 along with Bad Acid Trip. If you want to know more about them, you can check out their Facebook page and for more event info, please visit their invite to the show.

Stay tuned for an upcoming concert review with exclusive photos from Tunage!

- Tunage 

- Written by Lili Mooneyham

05/12/2012 5:47pm

Shortly after this interview Jeffery "El Jefe" Mosier (our drummer) lost his testicles and decided to quit Jesus Christ vs The World. If you (or someone you know) can play a "blast beat" and are committed to playing shows and recording let us know!

05/12/2012 7:18pm

I will make sure to put the word out for you guys. See you tonight at the show!


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