Pop punk in San Diego is booming. Small venues like Epicentre and even large venues like House of Blues hold shows dedicated to the genre. HEADWAY, one of the many pop punk bands in SD, prove that pop punk's not dead. Formerly named Captain! Captain!, the band decided to start over and bust out some new tunes. Earlier this year, HEADWAY opened for The Story So Far and released their single "Growing Pains." After coming back from their tour, Bryson, the vocalist of the band, talked with Tunage to let us know more about HEADWAY and their experiences so far.

T: Why did the band go from Captain! Captain! to Headway?
Bryson: We lost a couple of members forcing CC to quit and we wanted to start fresh with a new band and new members.

T: When you all got together, did you agree on the kind of music you wanted to play?
Bryson: We never really chose a specific style to write, but the chemistry we all feel when writing together is unreal.

T: What inspires the music?
Bryson: Everything in our lives from music to something heard in class or read in a book.

T: Who writes the lyrics to your songs?
Bryson: I write the lyrics.

T: Are there any special meanings behind certain songs?
Bryson: Here and there. I try to add depth and passion to what I am singing about. It makes the music way more fun to play live.
T: Out of all the songs Headway has written, what's the band's overall favorite?
Bryson:  Right now, probably our single "Growing Pains." Although, we do have a lot more coming that we are really excited about!

T: You all recently went on tour. How was the experience?
Bryson:  Tour was great. It teaches you how to live off very little and take advantage of opportunities when they show up. You also learn how to live on tour instead of just partying the whole time, although we did have our fair share of that!

T: Name the best thing about being on tour.
Bryson: Playing in a beer pong tournament in Reno with [our bassist] Trevor and playing our set to a new crowd every night... even if it was only to six kids.

T: When you play a show, what are some of the ways that you like to warm up?
Bryson: Some of us do warm-ups like I do for my voice. We also just mentally prepare.

T: What do you encourage show-goers to do when they see you guys play?
Bryson: Check out all the bands playing and support any that you liked!

T: What is your favorite venue to play?
Bryson: Our favorite venue is our house in Encinitas called The Broken Arrow. We throw a lot of shows there.

T: Is San Diego a good location for a booming music scene?
Bryson: It could be, but more kids need to go to smaller venues around SD.

T: What are the band's plans within the next year?
Bryson: We are hitting the road to tour again in the spring and our goal is to make it our lives and go full-time. That'll happen within a year.

Keep up with HEADWAY with the links provided and give them a listen!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/headwaysd
Bandcamp: www.headway.bandcamp.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/headwaysd

Photo Credits: Nesha Torres

Written by Jordan Mafi

- Tunage

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