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Tunage: How did you get so involved with music?

2B: My parents were musicians when I was a little kid and they kind of influenced to be into music. After I started listening to music, I began to play it. I started playing drums and stuff and that was pretty inspiring. My parents were definitely one of the things that got me into music.

T: Good! What instruments do you play?

2B: I play drums mostly. I can play guitar, bass (not so well), and I'm learning piano.

T: What are your favorite genres of music?

2B: The main genre I like is hardcore music. That's what I play the drums to. I also listen to electronic music; it's mostly the music that I DJ. I also listen to alternative rock, metal, and anything else like that.

T: Nice. Who or what are your inspirations?

2B: As a DJ, Skrillex was the first dubstep DJ I ever listened to. I thought that his image as a former punk rock musician and then turning into a worldwide DJ was pretty awesome. It inspired me to do this.

T: Have you had a lot of support from friends and family?

2B: Yeah, my family provided me with jobs and they gave me the opportunity to make money so that I could afford my equipment. All my friends at my school support me, all my friends that I met at events support me, and it's just been awesome.

T: It's clear that you have a lot of people that support you. Has your outlook on music changed throughout your life? Is it more meaningful than when you were a few years younger?

2B: Yeah, when I first started listening to music it was the popular music that everybody listened to. Generally, a while later I began to start exploring different genres which is how I got into electronic music. I got into hardcore because I was playing drums to bands like Green Day and punk rock bands. Since I was able to play it, it was getting boring so I wanted to incorporate new techniques like the double-bass pedal.

T: How's your DJ work going?

2B: It's going well! I was glad that we were able to set up this interview and I've created a resume to hopefully send out to different companies and get involved with some new events. It's kind of standing still right now considering I'm doing a lot in school, so I haven't been promoting myself as much but I recently got Photoshop so I'll be able to make new logos, put out new mixes, and I download music every day. So, yes, it's going pretty well.

T: What made you want to become a DJ besides your influence from Skrillex?

2B: I started DJing hip hop in sixth grade just for my friends at school during lunch and I never really played that many shows. I didn't have equipment, either. I put it down for a while just because the lack of equipment and I didn't have a lot of money to do so. After I moved to La Jolla, I became a little more fortunate with my money and I was able to work, so I bought equipment. I figured that going through high school and college as a DJ would be cool and I thought getting paid to party was awesome. I wasn't even allowed to be legally employed at the time so it was the perfect hobby since I was into music. Another reason is because I really wanted to play drums in a band but none of my friends were as committed as I was and I couldn't find more band members. DJing is something I can do by myself. I can lay out the rules, I'm my own boss, and I can do everything my way.

T: That's the way to do it. If it were up to you, would you rather go big as a DJ or in a band?

2B: Probably as a DJ. Although, being in a band would probably be more fun. I would be able to play drums.

T: You could play drums in your own set!

2B: That's very true. I just feel like when you're a DJ, people know you as yourself. Sometimes when you're in a band, there are some members that aren't as recognized as they should be.

T: What do you love the most about performing live?

2B: I love the energy that the crowd gives me. You know, sometimes it's a really bad crowd and I don't get good energy, but I like being in front of people. I like showing people my skills and I like being a figure. I like people looking at me and I like interacting with the audience and everything.

T: Do you still get nervous before your set?

2B: It depends on the show, usually not so much anymore. I've been doing it long enough to not get nervous. When I first started, I would.

T: Your stage presence is very outgoing. What would you say to someone who wanted to play music but felt nervous or self-conscious about it?

2B: Music is something very personal and that's why I think that a lot of people will feel self-conscious about it, but the truth is that making good music is a talent. If you can prove to other people that you can make good music, I think that's a wonderful thing. I think you should just go for it and not care what other people think.

T: How has making music impacted your life?

2B: I've always been into music and it's probably going to be my career. It's something that I'm going to be going to school for in the future. Its definitely selected my friends and withdrew me from other friends. You know, music is a very broad subject. There's a lot that you could do with it and you could talk about it a lot, so I thought it was an awesome thing to get into. It's been great ever since.

Written by Jordan Mafi

- Tunage

Jordan Mafi
11/01/2012 10:12pm

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