Straight out of SD comes Dayfade, a chill-out hip hop artist who makes music to inspire good vibes. The man behind this alias is Devin McGuire who resides in Mira Mesa. Although he hasn't taken the stage just yet, he's gotten some attention from the world-wide web on sites like Tumblr and BandCamp. Dayfade's music represents true hip hop and sedates the listener with ultimately chill beats. Tunage caught up with Devin to talk about the origin of Dayfade, hip hop, and the people he'd like to thank for his success.
Tunage: What inspired you to make beats?

Devin: When I was 18, my two best friends that I met up in Santa Cruz introduced me to stoner hip hop and ever since then I've had beats just flowing through my head. Electronic producers from different genres started inspiring me to create my own beats. My bandmate Danny Nguyen aka Winter Inter inspired me to start making beats on Ableton Live and he got me hooked. Nowadays, other local producers and DJs inspire me to keep getting better. When I hear music that I could sample, I also get inspired to create and manipulate.

T: When did you start to make music?

Devin: I started playing guitar my freshman year of high school after I quit football. Ever since then I've picked up bass, drums, synthesizer, singing, and various MIDI controllers. I just started using the Roland Sp555 to do live performances of my beats.

T: Who are your influences?

Devin: J Dilla, Pete Rock, Freddie Joachim, Winter Inter, Abjo, Flying Lotus, The Postal Service, Elaquent, Ski Beatz, Questlove, and Curren$y.

T: Would you consider anyone as a mentor?

Devin: Danny Nguyen aka Winter Inter is my beat sensei as I like to call it. He taught me [how to use] Ableton Live 8 which has a high learning curve and allowed me to just run with it and discover. He still continues to push me to become better and inspires me as a musician.

T: What songs have you been putting on repeat lately?

Devin: "All That You Need" by Micha Brown, "Slowdown" by B. Bravo, "M,n" by Sunclef, "City of Trees, CA" by Whoarei, and all new Headless tribe shit.

T: What do you hate the most in the world?

Devin: Speedbumps.

T: What do you love the most in the world?

Devin: Music and this time period.

T: Are you influenced by any media such as television, radio, movies, etc?

Devin: I'm influenced by old records, not mainstream media. I tend to block that out so that my music is more "pure." J Dilla taught me to be myself and to keep doing what I do, I don't need any other inspiration from the media.

T: What are some turn-offs when it comes to music and musicians?

Devin: People who aren't humble about their crafts, shitty gear, make-up, record labels, generic vocals and lyrics, Rebecca Black and other examples of money gaining artists fame instead of actual musical talent.

T: What do you expect from your music career in the future?

Devin: The key to happiness is not to expect things, but I hope to keep progressing and honing my hard drum sound and to improve in every area. I hope to one day have Seawind Records, my own studio, to produce musicians that I connect with.

T: What's your favorite thing about hip hop?

Devin: Everything about hip hop that is truth. It's a way of being and a way of thinking.

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- Tunage 

Written by Jordan Mafi

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