Photo by Dennis Andersen
          Who is Reverend Stickman? He’s a self taught guitarist, singer, and songwriter with a story to tell. His riffs will melt your face off and move you into a whole new world of music. He’s quite the traveling man, having been born in Denver, Colorado and eventually leaping thousands of miles and an ocean to move to Germany with his family in 1976 and returning in 1979 to North Carolina. At age 16 he decided he needed adventure and hitchhiked from North Carolina the Flagstaff, Az. In 1984 he moved to Seattle, WA for several years before returning to North Carolina in 1997. In 2002, he once again made his way across the country to end up here in beautiful San Diego.

          I first heard Reverend Stickman’s wailing guitar riffs in 2003. At the time he was playing with cover band Point Blank going by the name Stickman. Reverend Stickman has been a featured artist in the San Diego Reader on more than one occasion, is sponsored by Taylor Guitars, and has been nominated three times at the San Diego Music Awards. He can be heard during The Homegrown Hour with Cathryn Beeks on 102.1 KPRI, during the Local Hour on FM 94.9, and occasionally on NPR.  He also won Best song of 2011 from San Diego Song Writer’s Guild for his song “Drinkin Bout Tomorrow”. I asked The Rev. (as people in the scene call him) some questions about his time as a musician, his new album which will be released in summer 2012 and of course the origin of his name.    

Time Machine - Reverend Stickman