Tunage: Where did the name Quorra come from?

Well, when we first started this band, we wanted a not-so-typical name, so we wanted something unique and with meaning as well. We came across the name Quorra from the movie Tron: Legacy, and then while still looking for a name, we were drawn to Quorra and its meaning, which is simply "heart."

Tunage: How did you all decide that you wanted to play this kind of music and how would you describe your music?

 We decided to play this genre of music because we were drawn to the aggressiveness and the genuine emotion found within the vast hardcore scene. Numerous bands that we draw influence from are very passionate in their music and you can feel that energy and emotion in their live shows as well as their recordings and that's what inspires us. We don't want to put on a boring show, nor do we want to put out music that doesn't have our entire heart put into it. To describe our music, although we try to contain the same characteristics that define our genre, we also put our entire heart into every single aspect of our writing processes, thus including our artistic and individual appeal to make our music that much more meaningful. 

Tunage: Do you all believe that you have something special to bring to your genre of music?

Being in the same genre where there is a flood of bands who choose to write what appeals to the crowd rather than what they want to play themselves, the genre eventually becomes desaturated from individuality and unique appeal. We all bring our own influences and ideals to the table, thus bringing a wide range of ideas and creativity to our band. Although we are playing in a genre where heart and emotion are overshadowed by constant breakdowns and and meaningless lyrics, we are simply making music where we find passion and solidarity.