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          It's a Saturday night at Soma and The Big Show is happening. All kinds of local hardcore bands are on the lineup and the mainstage is filled with eager fans. Killing the Messenger is standing with me outside before their set, ready to go play after this next band is done. Killing the Messenger is a five-piece metalcore band from good ol' San Diego, California. Their Facebook fan page has reached over 3,000 likes from kids in SD and beyond. There are so many kids waiting inside the venue who are stoked for their set. I got to catch up with Ahren Leepier and Willie Malpica before their big performance.

Three Hundredth - Killing The Messenger
Tunage: So, what do you guys do and what are your names?

Ahren: My name is Ahren, I'm vocals.
Willie: I'm Willie, I'm drums.

T: Nice to know! So you guys are going to play next, right?

Ahren: Yeah, we're after this next band.