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Blac Paulie


You turn on the radio,
and what do you hear? Crap.
You switch the station,
and what do you hear? Crap.
Aren't you tired of modern music that's passed off as "hip hop" just being a constant disappointment?
Well my friends, the key, like in any genre, is to dig deeper, until you find the good stuff. The gold.
Like Black Paulie.
Tunage was turned onto Paulie by one of our designers,
and what a gem she found.
Tunage has finally dug up so good, true hip hop, with heart and soul.

Tunage: What artists are your major influences?

Paulie: I have a crazy long list, bear with me.  Im a fan of all genres but my transformers would be Outcast, for their musical superior ability to push the envelop, Nas, for storytelling and his lyrical content, Coldplay, for making epic tunes, and conveying emotion through sound, and, of course, Jay Z, for translating music into a lifestyle and later entrepreneurship. Those guys together would be like Optomus Prime.

T: How old were you when you decided you wanted to get into making music?

 P: I've always dabbled with instruments, turntables and poetry. I would say around 19 I took hip hop serious.

T: When you start to write lyrics do you have messages in mind you try to stick to or do you just let the words sorta spill out onto paper?

P: I do both.  I've got messages for the most part, I usually write with an agenda or topic in mind.  I freestyle write a lot too. See in hip hop, it's common to put out a 16 to 24 bar verse of thoughts or ideas just for listening  purposes.