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Tunage: How did you get so involved with music?

2B: My parents were musicians when I was a little kid and they kind of influenced to be into music. After I started listening to music, I began to play it. I started playing drums and stuff and that was pretty inspiring. My parents were definitely one of the things that got me into music.

T: Good! What instruments do you play?

2B: I play drums mostly. I can play guitar, bass (not so well), and I'm learning piano.

T: What are your favorite genres of music?

2B: The main genre I like is hardcore music. That's what I play the drums to. I also listen to electronic music; it's mostly the music that I DJ. I also listen to alternative rock, metal, and anything else like that.

T: Nice. Who or what are your inspirations?

2B: As a DJ, Skrillex was the first dubstep DJ I ever listened to. I thought that his image as a former punk rock musician and then turning into a worldwide DJ was pretty awesome. It inspired me to do this.

T: Have you had a lot of support from friends and family?

2B: Yeah, my family provided me with jobs and they gave me the opportunity to make money so that I could afford my equipment. All my friends at my school support me, all my friends that I met at events support me, and it's just been awesome.

T: It's clear that you have a lot of people that support you. Has your outlook on music changed throughout your life? Is it more meaningful than when you were a few years younger?

2B: Yeah, when I first started listening to music it was the popular music that everybody listened to. Generally, a while later I began to start exploring different genres which is how I got into electronic music. I got into hardcore because I was playing drums to bands like Green Day and punk rock bands. Since I was able to play it, it was getting boring so I wanted to incorporate new techniques like the double-bass pedal.