Imagine being only eighteen years old in a DIY band, playing in another band with other dudes, AND owning an ever-growing clothing line. This is the life of Alexander Ho, the man behind Skinwalker, and  an avid fan of Arizona Iced Tea and partying with the undead. The music for Skinwalker is created by Alex himself, playing guitar, drums, and even singing as well. He's also the owner of GhostWar clothing which has acquired almost 4,000 likes on Facebook. I bet you're thinking what I'm thinking... how the hell does he do all of this?


Davis Fetter and the Matters of Euphoria

          Davis Fetter is a rock 'n roll artist that has both a beautiful and optimistic outlook on life and living life to music. His influences run deep with the roots of rock music (from Chuck Berry to Kurt Cobain) forming his unique sound. You can quickly see and hear his influences in his style, his lyrics with dark undertones, and his Little Richard-esque screeches. If you like The Smiths, you'll like this guy. Davis has the drive to reach people with his music, and you can tell right off the bat that he puts his heart and soul in each of his songs. Each of his singles have been inspired by personal experiences and scars that everyone can relate to and want to hear about. This is the kind of passion that separates the men from the boys in our music world. Davis Fetter has released five singles and has more on the way in the month of May along with a music video. We had the chance to catch up with Davis Fetter and to get to know him both as a talented musician and a brilliant person. 



Lady of Jazz: Teagan Taylor Trio

Photo Credits: Charles Mancini
          Know who Teagan Taylor is? Well you’re about to! She’s  an extremely vibrant 20 year-old San Diego State Women’s Study Major and Jazz Minor from Imperial Beach with a voice that is as smooth and full bodied like a perfect glass of merlot that will only ripen with age. Her voice is a cross between Etta James and Norah Jones. Teagan’s schedule is always full with gigs and school, so I was honored that she took some time to hang out with me to talk a bit about her life as a student, musician, her band The Teagan Taylor Trio and her newest album Wonderland. Her band has been heard during the George Vargas Jazz 88.3, had shows at Humphrey’s, San Diego Padres Home Plate club. You can also see her play with the San Diego State Big Band and Jazz Combo #1.

Aftertaste - Teagan Taylor Trio