Crosswalk Heroes


Meet Crosswalk Heroes. This is the band that will pick you up if you’re feeling down or keep you up if you’re feeling happy. Three guys—Hernando Suanico, Brandon Michel, and DD—form this alternative band straight out of San Diego. They’ve played over 40 local shows in the past year and are set on playing many more this new year. What is a crosswalk hero, you may ask? Read the tell-all interview to find out who these guys are and what makes them respectable and worth listening to.

Tunage: Where did the band name come from?

Hernando: We had started with a different name which was The Scenic Route and then a band got signed with that name so we were just throwing out ideas at our practice and it was a conglomerate of a bunch of different things. Basically when it comes down to it, our name represents us just being normal people that have our moments of heroism. It means adding a little something good to the world.

DD: We wanted to be Crosswalks but someone else was already Crosswalks, Hernando wanted something with the word heroes so that’s how it was formed.

Brandon: Alright, you guys are both wrong. (Everyone laughs.) My friend Chaz and I were talking on Facebook and I said, “Alright, we have to change our name.” He came up with Heroes & Villains, I think, and I brought up that name with the band because I thought that was the coolest name out of everything else he gave me and I thought we could work with it. The only thing we stuck with was the heroes thing so… you guys are liars. (Everyone laughs again.)

Hernando: I told you it was a conglomerate of everything! Alright, come on, next question! (Laughs.)