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The Sound of MuteMath.

Electrify - Armistice

          The super villains are getting away; it’s the last stand as your going after them to conquer all evil and to win the heart of the love of your life. To save the world you’d need a proper band to listen to, so as you pull out your iPod, I’ll tell you what a proper band would be: MuteMath. 

          MuteMath consists the incredible sounds of the vocals and keys by Paul Meany, the bass and the guitar of Roy Mitchell, and the drums of Darren King. They have what I’d like to think is a modern twist on the integrated sounds and elements of psychedelia, electronica, and even some gospel (Paul Meany’s vocals). They’ve recently taken the music world by storm with their album release of Odd Soul.

           You can hear a large spectrum of influences in their music, which helps shape it to this spectacularly shaped form, which is what makes MuteMath. It’s as if you took some Led Zeppelin from the Hard Rock genre with some Jimi Hendrix in the Psychedelic era, and threw them into the Tardis to time travel in the future to blend them with modern ambiance of electronica. What makes them even more unique; they’re based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. They’ve developed their sound the same way any master of music would: through experimentation. MuteMath seriously boldly goes to this territory, proving that random can be brilliant. If there’s ever an angry old man sitting on a porch saying “These whipper snappers these days wouldn’t know good music if it hit them in the face!” Hit him with some MuteMath (figuratively, not literally).  They’ve got some great sounds from the older days of rock and roll, and their style satisfies the thirst for that sound.

Blood Pressure - Odd Soul

          MuteMath has created an EP titled Spotlight, a self-titled album in 2007, followed by two more albums: Armistice in 2009, and the most recent Odd Soul just last year. They were also declared as the “#1 band you need to see live before you die” by Alternative Press. I couldn’t agree with them more. Looking up live videos on youtube will never do these guys justice. The booming music, the lights, the fog, and the relentless, interactive energy of the band will send you home flailing with joy. I’ve seen the flailing first hand, and let me tell you, I regret not being able to go with my roommate to a MuteMath concert, and I will regret it until either the day I die or the day I finally am able to see them for myself.

(The things that happen in this video is in the title itself. Enjoy.)

            But MuteMath isn’t just all-high energy. Some of their most creative songs are the ambient modern ballads in their albums, such as “Pins and Needles” from Armistice and “Stall Out” from their self-titled album. These songs have the ability to make you slow down and take in the colors of the sounds they’re creating in these songs. Ambiance; it’s the more intriguing “sound word” to me and I still have a hard time defining it, but it’s such a specific sound that make you feel completely at ease and it almost takes you to another place; It’s like a modern lullaby.

          MuteMath has a completely sophisticated development of sound. If you haven’t checked them out, I highly encourage you to, and to do so, I’ve even included a playlist of my personal favorite MuteMath songs. You’re welcome, and I love you.

If you dig what you hear, here’s the link to their official page and their facebook page. Now go save the world.


 Written by Deanna Trombley

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