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The March Ahead


You have to admit, one of the greatest perks in being a loyal fan to a certain band or musician is seeing the brilliant side projects that the artists work on, and speaking of side projects, The March Ahead is one of the best collaborative side projects that I’ve come across.

We Are All Going To Die - The March Ahead
         The March Ahead is a two-person band comprised of Johnny Franck (Attack Attack!) and Mike Caswell (K Sera).  This beautiful collaboration was brought together by their “mutual love for the Fleet Foxes and Starcraft 2”. If that’s not glorious teamwork, I don’t know what is. With the blending of Johnny Franck’s hardcore punk style and Mike’s theatrical progressive background, The March Ahead is a fresh sound that fans absolutely love.

        So far, they’ve released a self titled EP and a B-Sides for listeners to enjoy. Their work was produced completely by both Johnny and Mike’s loving fan base. They had their own kick starter project and reached their goal, and because of that, they returned the favor with exceeding our expectations and anticipations. This project was a great testament to show what the loyalty and love for music can accomplish and that sometimes the best music is directly funded by the people who want to listen to the work.

          The March Ahead project wasn’t a one-time deal. As of know, there’s anticipation for new music from these guys. They also have stayed in touch with fans through their Facebook page. I highly recommend for you to check them out. If you’re already a fan, or are one of those hopeless romantics that have fallen head over heels in love instantly, you can pre-order their first t-shirt design ever

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Written by Deanna Trombley

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